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The Unnamed Sin Report | 07/04/2020 4:50 pm
The Unnamed Sin
Your bunny/cat avi is freaking adorable!!!!
Tzukeeper Report | 06/28/2020 9:50 am
It goes well
Tzukeeper Report | 06/28/2020 9:43 am
How goes it?
Tzukeeper Report | 06/28/2020 9:40 am
Tzukeeper Report | 06/28/2020 9:33 am
Your Avi is so cute! I want to pet it
moonbunny529 Report | 06/25/2020 4:15 pm
It is, I love my job. It can get stressful at times, but I love what I do.
Haha, yes, New York City is NYC and New York is NY ;P

OMG, I almost didn't remember Flyff! I definitely miss the good old days of Gaia because I think I was the most active on Gaia over any other social media type outlet. Maybe also Facebook when they had all the crazy games, haha.

Haha, I dunno, I'm very poor! And I don't socialize enough so I'll never get chosen, haha!

Haha, it's okay. I'm late too, sometimes. Yeah, I think it could be a depressi thing, but I also think it's an ADHD thing for me. I have so much to do and focusing on a big thing is hard, haha.
*hugs back*
moonbunny529 Report | 05/30/2020 4:04 pm
Haha, Speech-Language Pathology is the diagnosis and treatment of people with speech/language/swallowing/voice/cognitive disorders/difficulties, haha.
Oh no, I'm in North Carolina, haha. I shortened it to NC.
I will say that I have been playing it basically every day so I do try to make it worth my money!! Yeah, guilds have been necessary for doing the higher level content like raiding, where you have to coordinate 40 people to play for like 3 hours at a time, haha. I have been missing having RL friends/seeing RL friends since I moved here (away from my TX and VA friends). WoW has helped a little with that, even though the closest friend I've made lives several hours away and is much older than I am, haha.

Yeah, I try to log in, but my attention is usually on something else. I've considered giving away all my stuff on here, but Gaia just seems so dead nowadays anyway. It's not like it was back in its golden age. Haha, true, but I still prefer gold. I use platinum for all my mules, but my original account (that never got hacked--2 accounts prior did) will always use gold. It's nostalgic for me. Reminds me how Gaia ******** things up with Flynn's Booty and its mismanagement when they sold out to the man.
I'll have to see what imgur's all about if I ever try to make a comeback in the Art Freebies forum, haha. There's no way I could ever purchase art now. It's virtually impossible now.
Tzukeeper Report | 05/18/2020 7:23 am
I gtg ttyl blaugh
Tzukeeper Report | 05/18/2020 7:16 am
I, I figured lol
I didn't think you did crack
Tzukeeper Report | 05/18/2020 7:11 am
Tzu can't even coke?


I don't RP...
Feel free to check out my art page 3nodding artses
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