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Peachyish on 06/14/2019
Serieux on 06/09/2019



This profile is made the amazing Lady Saxophone. Definitely check her out for a phenomenal profile design.

I mainly lurk around the site nowadays and haunt the art shops. Amazing friends make it impossible to leave. Gifting is closed always except on my birthday, so apologies beforehand.



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C e r u l e a n Report | 06/09/2019 8:58 pm
C e r u l e a n
Hey Moon, sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've just been so busy with personal projects. I'll get it done as soon as I can. sweatdrop
Chamaellia Report | 05/05/2019 5:28 pm
Awe thank you darling!

Your outfit is amazing as usual heart heart heart
C e r u l e a n Report | 05/01/2019 8:14 pm
C e r u l e a n
Sounds good. I'll just stream and you can come by whenever you can biggrin heart

I can't to see the new profile then!
C e r u l e a n Report | 04/30/2019 7:00 pm
C e r u l e a n
Hi Moon! Nice new profile! Anyway, I'm done with my RL commission now but I'm going to be busy this coming weekend. So I'll start yours back up next week (actually my weekends for all of May are packed so I'll be doing them during the week). I'll send you WIPs since I won't be streaming on weeknights unless you'd like me to. I mean, either way I'm still working on them XD.
Chamaellia Report | 04/13/2019 12:03 pm
Haha okay

Im not worried about it, I just wanted to tease you~♥
Chamaellia Report | 04/12/2019 11:19 pm
Gurl you beat me to that art xD

jk, ilu ♥
Chamaellia Report | 04/12/2019 8:39 pm
Lmao thats pretty hilarious lol

Chamaellia Report | 04/11/2019 10:12 pm
I didn't realize that you were friends with Amelia til now bc of the profile

Im a ditz emotion_facepalm lol
Chamaellia Report | 04/09/2019 8:36 pm
heart heart heart
Chamaellia Report | 04/07/2019 8:38 pm

Lol! heart