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bye gaia
hmu over dm for skype


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The Handsome Mr-X Report | 06/26/2017 7:01 am
The Handsome Mr-X
Aww, get better soon~
I send good vibes to your knees!

As stingy as I am about money, things aren't necessarily expensive to me thanks to the shop.
I've never come across an item I couldn't live without, and the items worth trillions aren't exactly to die for in my opinion.
They only cost that much because their's so few of them, i'd wager.

Stop by my shop when you'd like or visit my art twitter~
That's where I store my art for public view.
The Handsome Mr-X Report | 06/25/2017 10:20 am
The Handsome Mr-X
Oh dear!
What happened?
Spranged a foot?

Took some convincing that I was ready, but now I had quite a few commissions!
The Handsome Mr-X Report | 06/25/2017 7:19 am
The Handsome Mr-X
Yeah I think they're summer mascots.

It's been raining around here too.
So we've been getting quite a bit of wet heat.
The heat that just lays on you.

I've opened up an art shop here on gaia!
The Handsome Mr-X Report | 06/25/2017 5:32 am
The Handsome Mr-X
I hear ya bud.
We're not going anywhere~

So, how've you been?
How's your summer so far?
The Handsome Mr-X Report | 06/25/2017 5:02 am
The Handsome Mr-X
Good to see you visit~

I hope we keep you.
This Lanzer fellow came to fix things.
Even Zomg is back.
The Horror Queen Report | 10/06/2016 8:33 am
The Horror Queen
Ohhhhhh, why oh why do I suddenly feel the weight of a burden that is not mine?
[allows this, pretending not to notice!]
Umpenscrump Report | 04/18/2016 11:05 pm
Thanks, I like yours too. Looks like he got caught with a dirty photo and is quickly trying to think of a good excuse, but he was so shocked by the incident that he's just drawing a blank.
Your Nostalgic Nightmare Report | 03/20/2016 10:26 am
Your Nostalgic Nightmare
Thanks a bunch for buying!~ emotion_yatta
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General Button Report | 12/29/2015 5:43 pm
General Button
General Button Report | 12/29/2015 10:36 am
General Button
*hugs tight* yus


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