To find out about me, you'll have to find out while you talk to me, ok? emotion_kirakira

> Talk to me!
> Sell/trade me items! I'm always buying and trading!
> Help/gift me, I'd truly appreciate it c:

> Ask me for gold/items, I need them too!
> Random friend request me, I won't accept, STRANGER DANGER!
> Flirt with me, I'm happy, thank you!


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Any [Animal] items
emotion_bigheart gaia_star gaia_gaiagold GoFusion charms gaia_diamond gaia_angelright ❄️

and Caches


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Registered: 07/06/2006

Birthday: 03/10



Please hit me up for deals with gold and items emotion_yatta

Send a labelled trade for 5% off tax please exclaim


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S3xy Pantz Report | 11/18/2020 3:53 pm
What is the goal? Just curious.
Parnasous Report | 11/09/2020 4:48 pm
np lol they just taking up space in my invo if you need any other guppies i got you lol
kiyopiyo Report | 10/30/2020 6:48 pm
hi, thank you for the purchase! i love your avi btw heart
TNxoxo Report | 04/04/2019 11:24 am
Lovely profile! heart
miso sleepy Report | 03/30/2019 7:23 pm
Thanks for buying!!~

Vibalent Report | 03/22/2019 10:49 am
oh noooo
well i'm sure you'll come across the stuff you wanted eventually! rip mimi
Vibalent Report | 03/22/2019 12:12 am
lol how the hell did the wishlist thing happen
Nekseo Report | 03/15/2019 4:06 pm
Hello!! heart
Raven Vandamere Report | 02/23/2019 3:10 pm
Congratulations on the new laptop!
Glad to hear your still around from time to time! heart Do you all still play games together?

I'm not on as much as I used to be, but I still come on sometimes now and again. I miss having people to talk to here. I feel like I just change my avatar, kill trees, make a comment on a profile or two and that is it here now D:

Then again, I guess I've kind of been busy in real life. I'm trying to manage my health, work part-time, take a class in college, see a couple of friends, and spend time with a boyfriend. We will see how it goes.
hitomi 90 Report | 01/28/2019 1:18 am
aun activa?? =D

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