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S3xy Pantz

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Last Login: 12/20/2022 8:50 pm

Birthday: 02/03

Who is Pantz?

If you are reading this I commend you. For one I wouldn't talk to someone named sexy pants so why are you here?

I enjoy random comments btw.

Did you know I'm bringing sexy back? Okay bye now.
Did you know I used to be a mule? Okay bye now for reals.

What you're still here?
Okay fine, my name's REDACTED and I'm REDACTED years old draw your conclusions from that.


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Hi call me Pantz.
Alchemist, Lake Kindred fanatic, zOMGaian, Random Poster
Check out Alchemist's Encyclopedia
If found in the CB assume 8/10 I'm not fully serious
Sig art by me. (I know it's not great)

I'll get around to writing stuff here

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Tales from the Pantz

Here's I make my rantz about pantz and other such devices of this world.


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Ultrabord Report | 11/10/2023 10:10 am
idk if you're even still active but I found your huge a** alchemy formula thread so thanks for making that
darthax Report | 06/20/2022 7:20 am
cool avi
amorremanet Report | 03/03/2022 2:06 am
Love your avi! heart
Newzpop Reporta Tyro Bong Report | 02/14/2022 10:56 am
Newzpop Reporta Tyro Bong
opheliabowie Report | 11/29/2021 11:51 am
ll3Iue Jay Report | 09/06/2021 10:41 pm
ll3Iue Jay
Cute avi uwu
Amandacutiepie35 Report | 07/18/2021 12:08 pm
cool profile
Blossomed Bunny Report | 05/25/2021 9:38 am
Blossomed Bunny
heart Thank you for your purchase! whee
Meowijuana Report | 04/04/2021 12:49 am
WingFroggeh Report | 04/02/2021 6:37 pm
Awww! whee


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