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Under Construction

Let me make my feelings on gaia cosplays clear.
GAIA COSPLAYS WILL LOOK SIMILAR TO EACH OTHER BY THEIR VERY NATURE. Gaia has a limited number of items that will fit what is needed. If the point is to make your avatar look as close to a character as possible, there's going to be some overlap.
Please just don't copy me, but if ya do copy me.. Well then that's just sad.

World Of Warcraft:

Ysera ~ The Dreamer
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Tyrande Whisperwind
User Image

Valeera Windrunner
User Image

Warlock's Succubus Minion
User Image

Jaina Proudmoore
User Image

Death Knight Valkyrie
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Karen Zor'El
User Image

Rose Wilson
User Image

Selina Kyle
User Image

Harley Quinn
Harleen Quinzel
User Image

Kara Zor'El
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Zatanna Zatara
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Gwen Stacy
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Anna Marie
User Image

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User Image


Opal - Steven Universe
Stevonnie - Steven Universe

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Annii │Annarkii
25 │ ♀ │ German&Canadian │Taken ♥│ Cosplayer & Role-player

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Things you should know:

▷► I have a bit of a bad habit of replying late/thinking I responded but didn't. Sometimes I just don't reply right away though it's likely nothing against you.. I'm just not always the chattiest person. Plus I'm busier lately ~

▷► Do NOT just add me just because I'm "friendly." I keep a very trim friends list and talking to me once is not enough of a reason for me to add you. If you want to be friends send me a PM explaining why and what kind of things we can do with each other to keep our friendship alive.

These people tho
Liv ~

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(Please don't steal my coding, I paid a pretty-penny for it.)

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My former usernames; (In order from newest - oldest)
Max1 Effort ► iesrr ► Marvelous Avenger ► Anna Rogue Marie

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Odd Cinderella Report | 06/16/2020 4:02 am
Hello dear. Long time. emotion_hug
Odd Cinderella Report | 05/21/2020 1:39 am
Ooh I like your background picture, dear
Nocturnal Vigilante Report | 04/18/2020 9:35 pm
Whaaaat? Damn. Sorry to hear that. Was it recent? Cause, man, 2020 has been debt collecting apparently.
Odd Cinderella Report | 04/18/2020 3:10 pm
*Not cosplaying as Stevonnie
Odd Cinderella Report | 04/18/2020 3:09 pm
Hello, luv!

Thanks for the favorite! But, Sorry to say: I am not cosplaying as Connie! emotion_yatta
Nocturnal Vigilante Report | 04/18/2020 3:47 am
You still alive over there?
Pearl Points Report | 04/07/2020 4:42 pm
I really like your Angela. smile
Odd Cinderella Report | 02/15/2020 2:32 pm
Donna has always been mine. I'm hoping they can fix her though. I'm hoping in the Animated movies she's better. At least like from Teen Titans VS the Justice League.
Odd Cinderella Report | 02/15/2020 5:55 am
Oh! Is that Wonder Comics' Cass?? emotion_kirakira
Pearl Points Report | 10/21/2019 5:03 am
Hello, Max! Long time no talk