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Hmmm, well- IDK where to start or end so.. um.. yeah..
My name is Katelyn Amber Marie McDonald, but you can call me Kat or something. No, I don't believe I'm related in any way to Ronald McDonald. I wanna dye my hair a deep blue. I love my pets and I love caring for them. I am 100% accident prone, so don't be the one standing in front of me when I trip UP the stairs­. My favorite color is a specific blue, but I haven't learned the name of it yet. Get a royal blue crayon and scribble on a piece of paper with it, then go online and Google royal blue, they look totally different. But the crayon color is my favorite color~! My absolutely favorite season is Spring!! I love stormy weather (pouring rain, lightning, thunder, all that good stuff; then the rainbow afterwords if i can find it), & foggy/misty mornings/days where you can barely see the sun. Oh yeah~! I was born on Easter, funny thing though... I can't stand them giant Easter bunny costumes, mainly the head! They're just so creepy!! And I hate MOST clowns.. OMG clowns, creppy creepy... I'm getting better with spiders but that's a bit of a story. I'm addicted to Oreos. I LOVE sweets/candy/chocolate! I like spicy soups, like picante flavored Nong Shim Noodles. I love my gramma's crab salad, soo good! I love pumpkin pie. I love cappuccinos. Tim Horton is now my god. Coffee is good. My favorite type of food is chinese, Peking Buffet mainly. I like to play with fire, so don't leave your lighter laying around, unless you don't care lol. My main meal is Cup-A-Soup or Ramen, or spaghetti possibly, or jerky by the ton. My fav flavs are vanilla, curry, sweet, spicy, salty and I like to put basil or sage on just about everything. I dislike being alone, given that nostalgic feeling. I like to make pancakes when I'm at Carlyn's. She HATES when I add a dash of salt to the batter, so funny! I also like to stay at Carlyn's and spend the night. The thing is, whenever I spent the night, I wouldn't sleep. I would make chamomile tea with some brewer thing she had and watch the same half-hour episode of Bento Beat Box over and over. It never got old, it was just too weird. I would keep drinking as much tea possible and fall asleep at either 9, 10, or 11am, I don't remember. Fun fun -ish. I still felt lonely when she would fall asleep at 2 or 3 am. But oh well, couldn't be helped lol. Well that's all I'm going to write for now. It's not like anyone is going to read all this. I'm just sitting here, at 2:25am, BORED, but can't be helped, everyone's asleep. I still have to wake up at 11am when my gramma asks me too. Yeah, I don't live with my mom, my siblings are just so unbearable. Soon I'm hopefully moving to Japan. I'm already studying the language. I know over 300 words now. But I don't know the alphabet yet. I want to at least be able to read the Starbucks menu. I don't wanna accidentally order a calamari latte lol, but I don't think they sell those in any Tim Horton's, or anywhere, and let's hope not.

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Jol_and_Doland r
i feel i need new computer. your profile takes up too much memory to load. sweatdrop
Jol_and_Doland r Report | 04/03/2021 7:09 pm
Jol_and_Doland r
Sparky, me hearty. how ya be? and Happy Easter. blaugh heart
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 Alsaeida Ao
thanks for purchasing pls visit again
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Nexus Chaos
Hello redface
Hope you have an amazing day!❤
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Thanks for buying! heart
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Nexus Chaos
Hello redface
Sorry if I did something wrong crying
NorigaNoodle Report | 04/22/2020 11:45 am
Thank you for your purchase!
Also I love your profile, I love Bleach!! I can't wait for the new season
skylarklovesme Report | 04/18/2020 11:10 am
Thanks for buying!
Karululu Report | 04/18/2020 8:22 am
blaugh Thank you for the purchase! Your avatar though is super neat. I hope the item you got will go to making another cool avatar!
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Lost Utopia
Thank you for your purchase! whee




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Um.. Definition of.. Umm- ME~! Khekhe.. Fish are sexy..

I’m a spontaneous stochastic Aries that loves candy and tends to subterfuge things I dislike and can be cantankerous in my tornadic ways. I hate giant bunny costumes, mainly the head, I hate most clowns, and I hate being alone.. It’s lonely. Oh and I hate Elmo. The cookie monster’s cool though. Spongebob is a creepy b*****d. I like to go on long walks, especially at night. I like to watch the clouds, stars, moon, and wish I were the sun sometimes. The sun makes me feel sick though, so idk how that would work out, it would probably kill me, then there would be no sun, then oh crap, the plants wouldn’t grow, except sauerkraut, and the herbivores wouldn’t eat and die off, then the omnivores/carnivores would die off also because all the herbivores and whatnot wouldn’t be there for them to eat. The vultures would probably last the longest, maybe even the raccoons. Oh I shouldn’t ever be the sun. It would be the end of almost all life in this galaxy. Maybe I should be space, outer space, y’know? But I’m too creative, I would create monsters and destroy what is good T-T and I like good.. FAIL. I shouldn’t be anything, BUT ME!! Yep. That is best. That was very stochastic wasn’t it. I’m not very obsequious I can say. Unless I’m like, fighting a friend, then I’m totally weak which can suck =P and I don’t like hugs very much. They’re okay, but sometimes not. Sometimes it’s just too close for comfort, sometimes it gives the wrong idea, sometimes it’s weird or boring, and sometimes a hug is just nice because a hug can be. I love to kiss animals foreheads XP I hug them too, the animals, not the foreheads. Well, duh lol. I like to sleep, fer sure. I like to sit and watch movies or TV. I like junk food, it’s where I get all my energy. I don't think I ever want a boyfriend, ever. I'm probably gonna die a virgin but thats just fine for me lol. I’m a whistler. I cook/bake. I like to cheat by using the microwave sometimes XP I’m almost always wearing a bell. I don’t do drugs. I have a habit of balancing on things. I like fire and enjoy playing with it. I’m intentionally writing a lot, but I don’t know what more to say that I have said in other things I’ve written.
Fish are sexy. ♥.
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super mal chico
Alfonso Jimenez

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Someone asked,
"What is the ultimate answer to life?"
Ultimate answer?
You mean the last answer known to the mind?
So if life is to death,
then death is to..?
If only I knew the answer to that.

Yell with mee!
are so freakin' cool *_*


she egged your house

i sooo wanna go there
it's sooo friggin' pretty
.......omfg pretty.......

fish are sexy