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The Tritagonist Report | 04/19/2018 7:38 pm
The Tritagonist
Firepower is solid. It's not Painkiller (which is in my top 50 albums ever at the very least), but it's definitely one of their better recent efforts. It's probably their last, though.

I wish I liked Death Grips more than I actually do. They just don't really click with me. What's your favorite song of theirs? I'm not sold on Zeal & Ardor just yet, either, though he has a handful of songs I like ("Bellator Halli Rha" and "Children's Summon"). Not sure I like the new one. "Rats" is catchy, but I do hope the whole album isn't like it, I want something a bit heavier from Ghost.

So far, I think this year has been very good overall. I forgot to mention that The Atlas Moth put out a banger of a record in Coma Noir, and that the new Barren Earth, Shining, and Necrophobic records are great. At the same time, I dunno, nothing has floored me yet the same way Dodecahedron and Bestia Arcana did last year, or Hyperion and Vektor two years ago, or Deafheaven, Mgla, Horrendous three years ago. The records I mentioned previously are great but not at that level yet. Also, Amenra's Mass VI is a really good record from 2017 and I wish I'd given it its due. Then again I'm just really busy and haven't listened to like 80% of the stuff I really want to. sad
The Tritagonist Report | 04/19/2018 11:37 am
The Tritagonist

King Goat drops tomorrow, then yeah, Deafheaven this July. Horrendous might drop something too, nothing confirmed yet but it seems about time and they already announced a new album last year. Slugdge and Messa also dropped new stuff a while back, I haven't paid enough attention to the latter but I really liked their debut so I have to when I'm no longer drowning in stuff to do.

And then there's all the new stuff that's actually rather good. Though nothing has super knocked my socks off yet. Except perhaps Hamferd, Rolo Tomassi, and Car Seat Headrest.
The Tritagonist Report | 04/19/2018 11:15 am
The Tritagonist
New Deafheaven record this July. New song now.
Syndrast Report | 03/22/2018 8:24 am
I thought that DiSanto was able to get a couple of new guns. Looks like I was mistaken. I still worry about what will come out of this, seeing as many bands wouldn't survive that kind of lineup change (look at what happened to, say, The Faceless, though I'd argue they'd only gone downhill from their debut album).
Terminal Redux also topped my list in '16. It's not an everyday listen with how long it is but it's amazing.

Yep, Chuck started Control Denied because he wanted to make more melodic metal. I wish I could have heard more from them.
By the way, if you like Tim Aymar's vocals, you should check out Pharaoh. Admittedly I've only heard Be Gone but I like what I've heard.
Syndrast Report | 03/22/2018 7:31 am
Idk if Chuck's vocal performance is my favorite thing, it's unique for sure and you've got to give him props for matching Halford in intensity and pitch.
The riffs on Sound of Perseverance though. I think it has some of the best songwriting, for all its technicality.

Yeah, we lost Chuck waaaaay too soon. Would also have been nice to hear more Control Denied. sad
At least we have Vektor, though. Well kind of seeing as most of the musicians left. David DiSanto sounds rather Schuldiner-esque at times.
In any case Vektor are also a really great band.
Syndrast Report | 03/21/2018 6:47 pm
Resisting the urge to post below you in the song thread because it's cheating, I know this album by heart. lol
The Sound of Perseverance is probably my favorite Death album.
But Death are awesome. Chuck Schuldiner was a far better songwriter than most metal artists today.
Im calling the police Report | 02/01/2018 10:55 pm
Im calling the police
To be fair, a lot of the anime drags things out way too much. Each episode used to be 3 chapters worth of material, but they've stretched it out to a chapter per episode because the anime caught up to the manga and the anime doesn't take breaks haha
So It's pretty achievable if you read it tbh
Im calling the police Report | 02/01/2018 12:33 pm
Im calling the police
I feel you man. I lose motivation when I have to binge read something. The only manga I keep up with are One Piece and One Punch Man, and those are updated every few weeks.
Im calling the police Report | 02/01/2018 12:15 pm
Im calling the police
I honestly probably will too. But the scans I've found have been really bad so idk
Im calling the police Report | 02/01/2018 12:12 pm
Im calling the police
I am too, but I'm a filthy anime pleb, so half the jojokes go over my head