Levi and what's behind

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Male/ 160 cm/ 65 kg/ Human
I'm a part of User Image Survey Corps.
My birthday is on December 25 th emotion_eyebrow

I'm leading soilder in Survey Corps and the leader of Special Operations Squad. I'm also known as humanity's most powerful soilder.

People who knows me on a personal level describes me as ''clean-freak'' due to my love for spotlessy clean enviroment. I don't like getting my equipment nor uniform getting dirty, also I always have to clean my blades during the battle. Titans won't run away from me anyway emotion_eyebrow Anyhow if there's a need to touch filth or blood I won't hesitate I'll do so.
I love to clean after my missions when we all get back (not necessary all but).
I hate pointless deaths.

My personallity is one of those unapproachable types. I rarely speak polite, because I don't see a point to do so. I'm also often known for making alienating comments that are coarse or inappropriate. My dark brand of humour, always delivered in deadpan, ranges from rude to outright vulgar. I tend to phrase things in a brash and insulting manner, and is not above provoking my opponents or belittling anyone who irritates me. This often unsettles people and that what makes me difficult to be around. emotion_eyebrow
However I have a great trust in my comrades I chose to be with, also I'll obey commander Erwin commands because i always trust his decisions. As for 'brain' I tend to trust shitty four-eyes.
Anyway I usually can carry out my tasks on my own without any assistance. So stay out of my way while I'm at it I don't need any distractions. stare

I used to live like a thug in the underground city below the capital along with my friends Isabel Magnolia and Farlan Church. We all were recruited by Erwin Smith and joined Survey Corps. Back when I was younger I lived with Kenny Ackerman for sometime.

I'm excellent in using 3D Manuvear Gear.

Battle skill 11/10
Initiative 10/10
Strategy 8/10
Teamwork 2/10
Cleanliness 10/10


Info to be added soon