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Vamp the mischievous

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Birthday: 08/07/1997


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Hello, welcome emotion_awesome
Formely known as - xXvampire5Xx
I'm here, I exist, I basically never get offline.
Feel free to call me Vamp, Vampy or whatever other version of my username you can come up with. If my real name is of interest to you simply ask via PM and I'll tell you, just the first name tho lol
I'm 23 years old. And I was born in the summer, which I'm happy about, because it's such a beautiful time in my country.
Currently studying film making in UK.
I wasn't born in UK, my original country is Lithuania. And it is amazing, here watch for yourself.
Aesthetic is what I aim for but don't mind if it flops.
I draw sometimes.
On Gaia you will definitely find me on zOMG, don't be shy to send me a message about it cx
Anything else, just ask!

Psst, mind to stop by my quest thread? Even just a tiny bump is a big help!
Ze quest

Double psst, I got a zOMG nostalgia thread going on. Mr Cantaloupe, phoenix of the damned and I gladly invite you to join our discord server to find crews! Or post in the thread! c:
zOMG nostalgia

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