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Need 2nd Base Captains! Need 2 guy captains/characters for possitions 19 and 20!
IKUTSAKA MEETINGS IN every last Friday of the month!!


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leader samma

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Last Login: 07/14/2015 9:59 pm

Registered: 02/03/2011

Location: Ikutsaka Organization

Birthday: 03/18

Occupation: Ikutsaka's Leader

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Ikutsaka Job Positions:

Artists: Kyeira Chan, Dr. Kirby,
Reporters: Agent Z., Zweeny,
Activists: Manoarch, Krispin,
Shop Owners: Caspery (female), Beltrint (male), Fern (demon),
Musicians: Trisqo, Vamph,
Event Creators: Kaguroo, Semolian,
Movie Creators: Vevardie, Hasphine,
Obsoletes (Meaning you do any of the above or all of the above): Pleg Samma, Skully samma, Fardie,
Other: Katoriofthesand, Tazanee, Trinket, Loofy, Strauntny,


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I am Ikutsaka Organization's leader, and my previous account has been hacked by this user: TOP00003, she/he hacked my account lock everything so I can't access my meeting, profile to get all my information back, journal meetings and she/he stole my guild from me! So, don't add that person, it's a hacker! Weird thing is I don't care about the gold being stolen, or my items because I didn't have much anyways I care about all my hard I spent to set that profile as Ikutsaka's first base, I had some members, all my captains, and their information was in their...Awe s**t even personal information that's the most upsetting part! I personal information and personal pms and such...But oh well I can't do nothing about it but start from scratch now and make this account what that one was. stare Since I highly he/she will give that account back, or even go back on it now that they took everything....Well enough about that and unto the editing I go. -sighs- What troublesome people gaia can have, I mean seriously in five years that I've been on this site I've seen so many people hacked and I always hoped it wouldn't be next and look it happened. crying

Ikutsakaz Leader,

Ikutsaka are...Orphans, rouges, criminals, loners, people, demons, creatures, and anything else out there. They been brought together as one under Ikutsaka first Leader thus creating the Ikutsaka Organization. Now you may be thinking how can this all be possible? So, let me explain to how so. Within the walls or Ikutsaka we train, teach, and give people, creatures, things a reason to live a certain way. And those that join are given their rights, laws of our land and organization, and guidelines to follow for their first tasks. Any all personals that decide to go against these laws/rules, are terminate immediately.
OUR GOAL: is to become more famous then Akatsuki (our rivals), and to take over the internet world!

Ikutsaka is a country ran like an organization. And our country is made up twenty regions around and on our content. Each region is guarded by a captain. Each captain has a division of twenty high ranking members to help assist and do needed important jobs for the captain. If you are accepted as a captain your job is to ensure the duties and care of Ikutsaka is taken cared of down to the bone. Ikutsaka's current leader will give assignment whether there small or big you must take it, complete and without complain. Now as member you must follow the captains' orders. And when you are given an order or ask do something you must complete it at the very least. Member have it much easier as far tasks, and judgment be falling on them from the current Leader of the organization. The current leader will be more herniate on the members for there not the ones that have to be in charge of holding the organization together. Captains on the other hand get the rough end of the stick. If their divisions don't do a good ob or complete tasks on time it is reflected on their captain as shame, or the captain is doing a horrible job at maintaining their region. Now you might think that's totally crap to place on people but that's why captains are elected and chosen specifically to handle a lot of stress, and crap from the organization. The leader on the other hand ins not only the leader of Ikutsaka, but the one souly placed to handle everything and anything that happens in the organization and country of Ikutsaka. The leader must over look everyone that enters, and leaves, and any partner or affiliations as well that contact us or work with us. Leader also is the one that over sees which members are captains, members and ranked people. Not to mention the leader must also over see the activities of the guild, clan, and website and be actively with them as much as possible. After all as leader there are expectation that you CAN NOT IGNORE!

Ikutsakaz come from very different back grounds. You pretty much get to determine that yourself with the help and addition of the ten leaders and myself of coarse.^^ But the basic background of how the Ikutsakaz became to be goes like this, we are people with rough or different backgrounds. For example one of the ten leaders was banned due to a love for exploding things and anger issues with their kage. And her twin brother caused some havoc and got them banned. And because she was his sister and looked like him, she also got banned due to guilty by association (she was going to join him anyways). But back to how the Ikutsakaz got started, we basically got started due to the first Leader sama's idea to combine all the lone ninjas with out families, or banned people looking for a job or life or a way of living like other people, or just living in general. And since there was a lot of war amongst the lands and stuff she decided to get all the left over people that wanted to join a new family with a new life where we live for the present and future not the past. We come from villages, cities, lands, and countries all over and our past is what helps us to move on to the future and makes us who we are. Ikutsakaz act as a family even though their not related....Well some of us. (Laughs) But in any case we accept any and all who wishes to join. Our goal in life is to take over the internet as much as we can and to test our limits of ability, skill, and life in general. I guess you could say we have ways to escape death or what not, that is clearly up to you. But the ten main leaders will decide your future, present and help you with your past if needed. We make up 3/4 of the Ikutsaka world and yes we do have none fighters/warriors like traders, shop owners, business people, and such so you have the choice to choose what kind of person you want to be in our organization and you may switch around if you want but you have to first notify one of the ten leaders and me. Oh and we don't really associate with Akatsuki because their like our rivals and competition, but we're not enemies with them either, their kind of like a partner in crime or agent if I must say. Plus their a whole different kind of group, but we don't really have anything against some of them unless they give us reason if you know what I mean?

We basically live or are found any where in the Land Of Ikutsakaz, from the Ikutsaka country, on the Ikutsaka Continent. But the main bases are in the center of the Ikutsaka City in the middle of a forest, and in the land of the demons in the Shadow village. The forest base is like restoration and serves as a shelter, and place of protection and it is the place where you can find at least one of the leaders and or me to get some help, it is also where we do our captain and academy training. And yes we also help in rps and such especially there. And the other base in a hiding place, and that is where teaching of things like self defense, basic life skills and such. Their you will be guided by the 2nd base captains, and Commander Talim is the 2nd leader to Page sama of that section. Also our main form of communication is telepathy (talking using your mind) when we're traveling or not together. We have an application for you guys to fill out in order to join this organization. When filling it out please state if your applying for captain or member in the member part, and send your application to me or Skully sama, and we will let you know if your accepted or not. Thank you for your time.

(For more information about Ikutsaka and our bases and such please visit our form titled Ikutsaka Storyboards, Comic Stripes, & Scripts in our guild.)
Ikutsaka Organization Application:

Basic Info:
Character name:
(you will choose two number 1-10 and I'll tell you want captains/group you with and in.)
Favorite Color(s): (Yes, it is needed for application purposes.)
Blood type:
(you can put relationship status if that's easier)

Other Info:
Favorite Food(s):
Least/hated Food(s):
Favorite music: .
favorite/hated music:
Weapon of choice:
Weapons use(d, s):

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Application Example:

Ikutsaka Organization Application:

Basic Info:
Name/Username: Leader Samma
Character name: Minata
Age: 18-21
Height: 5'6"-5'8"
Weight: 95-110lbs
Village: Amegakure
Location: Shadow village
Rank: Leader
Group: 1, 9 & 2
Favorite Color(s): Gray, {color-lightblue]light blue, cyan, red, dark red
Family: Yahiko (husban)/ Cmdr James (b/f), Pein/Nagato (Brother), Page (sister), Mother (dead), Father (dead).
Blood type: O
Lover: Yahiko/Cmdr James Uzumaki

Other Info:
Favorite Food(s): Goolash, dumplings, pitah bread, & Fruits (all)
Least/hated Food(s): raw things, and fat.
Favorite music: Rock (all), Alternative, classical, hip-hop, contemporary, techno.
favorite/hated music: Country and yodol
Weapon of choice: Probe stick (some kind of black mental, lace with paralyzing poison)
Weapons use(d, s): Any and all
Skills: Can learn anything and everything within minutes.
Abilities: Is a psyche/psychic, can learn anything and master within five minutes
Personality: ((This is just a basic over view of this character)) Minata is pretty mellow person. She's soft spoken and VERY hard to piss off. She has a condition, to where she's always sick with some unknown sickness that is slowly killing her and causes her to be anemic because of all the blood she coughs up everyday. And due to certain things happening in her life she had to sacrifice her powers, and life span to save her children from death. Thus Peina and Page was born into the world as war orphans created by Skully sama.
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Ikutsaka Organization Meetings

This is our new spot to have our meetings. Meetings are based of things in the guild and within the organization. And yes we can talk about our personals as well. To attend these meeting you must leave a comment so we know that you were there at leas


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ideideisempai Report | 07/09/2015 12:52 am
Ah, been working on some more stories my lady by the way, hmm.

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ideideisempai Report | 05/25/2015 1:43 am
I say we need to make aspecial meeting celebrating your victory in gaining the guild back so the others know we're back in guild action, hmm! blaugh
User Image
hogosha sensie Report | 11/24/2014 7:36 pm
hogosha sensie
yum_puddi Allo dear, I haven't been on in a long itme. But how have you been?
Iru Mistwalker Report | 03/30/2012 6:32 pm
Iru Mistwalker
I've been good, though i have noticed that Gaia has been pretty much dead as of's weird
Iru Mistwalker Report | 03/20/2012 8:24 pm
Iru Mistwalker
O..o you're online
Talim Uzumaki Report | 08/30/2011 12:32 am
Talim Uzumaki
Oh leader sama have we lost it or what? crying
Iru Mistwalker Report | 08/03/2011 11:54 pm
Iru Mistwalker
Ah okay I understand, Well if we can get a meeting together I'll purpose my ideas to all the captains.
Iru Mistwalker Report | 08/03/2011 11:46 pm
Iru Mistwalker
Okay, sounds good, I'll let you know my reasons via PM cause i don't wanna throw it out onto your profile so. Do you know how many of the Captains are still active? by chance?
Iru Mistwalker Report | 08/03/2011 11:24 pm
Iru Mistwalker
This is Karn, I have a new username i know (I can explain later if you wish) Leader Sama it's been forever since i've seen you online, I have some suggestions to run by you and the other captains once we have a captains meeting, I've already mentioned them to kyeira chan. But it's good to see you on.
Talim Uzumaki Report | 05/17/2011 12:39 pm
Talim Uzumaki
Awe, where you at now leader sama? =(

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By Almond Rocha

Daily Quotes:

3/4/11: Who said you could pass? Heh, not I b*****d. -Page Sama
3/3/11: If it bothers you that much then do something about it. -Rosetta
3/2/11: How many mindcraft games have you gone through in your head? - Karn
3/1/11: Crazy sounds, but Insane is perfection. -Mariwara
2/28/11: "What kind of house would you prefer then? A cave, or a whole in the ground?" -Page Sama
2/25/11: "Why is Talim not surprised that Talim would have a lame quote?" -Talim
2/24/11: "I looked into the world glass and saw fire, what does that mean leader sama?" -Member 78
2/23/11: "I poked my cat the other day and he didn't move. So I thought oh well must be sleeping....I found out later that day he was dead. T^T" -Roxann
2/22/11: "I like having a spot light...It makes feel fuzzy." -Member 2563
2/21/11: "The chemicals in the dirt are too strong for the planets! :C" -Rocha
2/18/11: "I swear, did you guys go jump in a puddle of radiation?" -Roxas U.
2/17/11: "I'll chop your limbs off first if you don't start talking!" -Tiera
2/16/11: "Who said I was on your guys side?" -Exphian
2/15/11: "If it isn't my 'favorite' captain. -Aiotsuki
2/14/11: "I'ma cliche in this prodigy any how, hmm! blaugh -Deianna
2/11/11: "Tststststs, soooo, what you have me do commander Talim?" -Chibi-Chi
2/10/11: "I don't like you so leave me alone! -Rosetta
2/9/11: "I'd like to think to myself other wise Sage. -Skully Sama
2/8/11: "...."-Mirkei
2/4/11: "Why you, I'll kill you dead before that happens!-Sabure
2/3/11: "Ah, man I just had the most wonderful sandwich ever! -Cmdr James
2/2/11: "Taken into the fact that I was just raped, beaten an inch from my life, then dumped into some where, I think I did a pretty d*mn good job!"-Misuto
2/1/11: "I wish I were a unicorn so I could step on Rabbit too. :C" -Bubblez
1/31/11: "If I had a knife, I would stab the thought right as it happened." -Cmdr Talim


1st Base Captains:

Captain 1: Leader Samma
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Captain 2: 2nd Base Commander Talim Uzumaki
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Captain 3: Deianna (aka Deidei)
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Captain 4: Tiera/Bubblez
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Captain 5: Misuto San
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Captain 6: Sabure Kun
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Captain 7: Roxas U. (aka Tsunade-sama)
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Captain 8: Almond Rocha
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Captain 9: Commander James Uzumaki
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Captain 10: Miekie San
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2nd Base Captains:

Captain 11: Mariwara (aka Chibi-Chi)
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Captain 12: Sheena fujibayashi

Captain 13: Iru/Ranor Karn(<-dies in story) (aka Karn our website creator)
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Iru Mistwalker
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Captain 14: Mizuki Mitsuki
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Captain 15: Kyle Richter (aka Tahatan on gaiaonline )
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Captain 16: Zeil Desmarais

Captain 17: Rosetta Stone
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Captain 18: Shikeki Uchia
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Captain 19:

Captain 20: (Page Sama used to be 1st Vice, that passes away in the story.)