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About my Avi

hello there everyone my name is Tsubaki Uchiha but you can call me baki. i'm pretty much a modified werewolf due to Madara Uchiha testing on me while my mother was still carrying me in her womb. creepy i know but hey at lest i'm here the result of that got me to have my little red wolf ears and tail. when i'm angry or frighten i may phase into my wolf form which is a rather large red wolf. i wear an eye patch to cover up my mangekyo sharingan eye which has a weird habit of dripping blood when i over use it. (hint to why Avi is always wearing a blood eye patch) i have two tiny Ninja cat's called Oliver and Himari. Oliver is an orange color ( bubu kitty or Bennett [orange itty bitty kitty] ) and Chihiro is gray and white (rufu kitty plush). My ninja rank is anbu meaning i do S-rank mission. i'm currently a Leaf ninja spy sent to spy on the Akatsuki organization. (which may explain his akatsuki robe if i can ever get the item)

Behind The Avi

hello everyone a little known fact you might not know about me. baki is one of many of my male OC and i wished to make him as well as the others into a real life character on here. as well as a do a few cosplays of male anime characters i like. other than that i'm a really sweet person and i get along with everyone.

i have a weird obsession with animals & furies i find them to be freaking adorable. so i may chase after your avi and cuddle you. sweatdrop

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ImHotPink4ever Report | 09/14/2017 11:37 am
Happy Birthday!!
Soreiyu Report | 06/21/2017 4:25 pm
I logged in not expecting anyone to have said anything. ;___; Thanks <3
tilasexcattCR Report | 05/06/2017 4:59 pm
Let me see how banned you are.. Ahh..I can comment .. I Wonder y...?Only to say goodbye And If you ask y.. Thank u're friend or you're self...I'm really stalking..pfft.
XxMo_uNdEaDxX Report | 01/07/2017 11:06 am
i should be more responsible with my money.
i work hard for it. but eh. i like to buy things i like.
tilasexcattCR Report | 01/06/2017 7:14 am
Ok..Are you here? And What happened
tilasexcattCR Report | 01/03/2017 6:16 am
Baki-I was shaking 2 hours after a year scream He called me?!...But,My mom and auntie Gave me Like a double shot...Of Shivas ..And I really needed it,Because I Never Answered that Phone...and I Heard his voice...and that was like-OMG...I WAS so not ok...UDK.. His voice, He never talked into my answering machine...And I Was Thinking..I "can't get high..not now..."-nobody would know-but would ....And So I did have A drink.. and made it through the night...And I never was so happy to wake up And have made it through the night Waking up sober Than I was b4...And I am not going to be having another drink For a While...At least a few months ...ty For Caring-I went through hell yesterday ...my panic was Off the charts...
XxMo_uNdEaDxX Report | 01/02/2017 11:28 am
i just buy everything w/ my card on the site.
i've never had a card. >w<
Little Chaos Demon Report | 01/02/2017 1:03 am
Little Chaos Demon
I got like 20 PMs from marketplace stuff so idek if you sent anything lmao xd
XxMo_uNdEaDxX Report | 01/01/2017 12:36 pm
yeah. i was super disappointed in it.
but luckily cash has been super cheap.
XxMo_uNdEaDxX Report | 01/01/2017 12:26 pm
i got like 3 and it matches the fafnir color scheme.
i should have just bought that rig. the one i got yesterday was a ******** bust.
waste of 30 dollars. _-_


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