Sorry i didn't do this sooner. I do not like talking about myself for 1 thing. But i'll give in just this once. My name is Dacie I'm 27 years old. I live in a boring old town of Everton Arkansas. I'm a mix of Swedish but im 90% Irish <3~. I can be a very nice, caring, and kind person. But if you happen to miss step lets just say i feel sorry for you.

You were the Owl. Graceful, quiet, and majestic, you glide silently through the night. You are self sufficient, independent, and make the most of everything around you. You are not very picky about what you like, and when you love something, it will be forever. You would make a wonderful parent, but in no way would you spoil your children; they would be taught how to look after themselves. You are a symbol of guidance.