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Hi there and welcome to my store 3nodding

All prices are final, buy something for a high price, no returns. Some prices are higher than ABP, buy it for that price it's yours, want a lower price, PM me we may come to an agreement cool

Enjoy your shopping and feel welcome to return in the future.

I am NOT interested in offers with items. I sell things here because I want plat/gold. Direct trade requests from people who want to trade items will be ignored. emotion_nope

Do not bother pming me asking me to donate an item or give it to you for a price MUCH lower then my asking price. I am not a charity or crazy. I sell items here to make PLAT gaia_gaiagold

Have fun shopping and come again emotion_kirakira

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Registered: 11/10/2008

Gender: Female

Birthday: 02/27



Hi there, seems you made it to my corner of Gaia.

Lets start shall we! I've been here since late 2003, this is my 2nd account since my first one got hacked and stolen in the summer of 2008 (s**t happens)

I am Dutch aka I live in the Netherlands near the city of Delft (famous for it's Royal Blue pottery). I'm older than most on here but younger in a lot of other ways. Now don't even start on the whole age thing and people saying that sites like these are only for teenagers.. you think that... move right along and have fun being ignorant.

As I see it the internet is ageless and therefor so is Gaia, age really is just a number wink

I love a lot of things, I am a bit of a health nut, love working out, love to cook, read a lot, love fantasy shows but don't really watch any Anime, the only cartoon I watch is Carmen Sandiego on Netflix rofl

Want to know more about me, don't be shy and just ask! I'm a friendly person, don't bite (unless you want me to get very friendly) and am very open minded. So drop me a pm or a comment! heart



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Meru Wingli Report | 02/28/2021 3:56 pm
Meru Wingli
thank u love <3 urs is also gorgeous uwu
mayuralover Report | 02/27/2021 12:19 pm

heart Happy birthday, Bella! Hope you have a wonderful day!
Cappuchinos Report | 02/27/2021 4:49 am
Happy birthday Bella hope you have an amazing week!
A Silly Canadian Report | 02/23/2021 11:57 am
A Silly Canadian
I blame my childhood family friend. We were at his cabin and we all decided to go fishing, well... Mid trip he gave me a hook with a fish attached to it, and seeing it's teeth and having it flop around in my hand just created that fear of fish. I can handle aquariums and fish tanks, but if it's an open body of water.. I'm going to be iffy. sweatdrop
A Silly Canadian Report | 02/23/2021 11:15 am
A Silly Canadian
Yay! February babies! Also pisces! Fun fact.. I am afraid of fish and I am a pisces. I love it. rofl
x Avino x Report | 02/22/2021 1:09 pm
x Avino x
I have to say that I can't stop adding all your avatars to my favorites!!
They're all so beautiful and super inspiring!!
Keep up the wonderful work!
heart heart
A Silly Canadian Report | 02/18/2021 6:39 pm
A Silly Canadian
I am liviiiiiiiiing for your avatar(s) that you have been wearing recently! Royal Icing is my absolute favourite scheme on Gaia so I always gotta show some love when others are wearing it! heart
rachaelly Report | 02/16/2021 1:36 pm
Your avi is so pretty!
dj drugz Report | 02/10/2021 9:39 pm
dj drugz
just wanted to say you avi is super cute!! whee
Cappuchinos Report | 02/10/2021 2:36 pm
aw shucks redface I'm going to smash your lil bitty heart into pieces heart thank you for the gift Bella emotion_bigheart

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