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Guardian_Nemo Report | 07/01/2012 12:52 am
(( gotta love your profile, Hotaru-chan ^^ ))
Princess Haruka Uranus Report | 01/04/2011 9:19 pm
You are cordially invited to

Kentaro and Haruka's

Vow Renewal Ceremony

A ceremony to celebrate a love that two people has for each other. We are doing
this since our last wedding was crashed by naruto people & a lot of our friends
didnt make it.

Location: http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?page=1&t=20823603#290889505

Time: (It begins Wednesday and will span a flexible time period of 4 to 5 days)

Dress formally in anything you'd like, except for white, in honor of the bride. Thank you.

((There will be times where Haruka isnt there due to RL work))
Crystal Sailor Pluto Report | 07/20/2010 10:40 pm

(Sure thing. Later. ^_^)
Crystal Sailor Pluto Report | 07/20/2010 10:28 pm
Ah! Now I feel better. heart That's a precious outfit you have on by the way Hotaru-chan. ^.^ I love it!
Crystal Sailor Pluto Report | 07/20/2010 10:18 pm
No no I cried out of happiness. I promise. heart Your honorable words moved me to tears. *hugs* Thank you so much, Hotaru-chan.
Crystal Sailor Pluto Report | 07/20/2010 10:09 pm
Aw HOTARU CHAN!!! *HUGS* That made me cry. Thank you so much. *hugs*
RS Sailor Teal Report | 05/28/2010 8:02 pm
Hotaru great-great-great-great-great obasan!
Sailor Mercury -Ami-chan- Report | 05/03/2010 5:45 am
Hi Hotaru-chan
BREkatt Report | 04/18/2010 10:23 am
happy birthday hotaru!
ll Sailor Mercury ll Report | 03/06/2010 1:11 pm
How are you? ^^


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name: Hotaru Tomoe(small hotaru)

age: 11

birthday: January 6

meaning: firefly of death

element: death, silence, rebirth, destruction

powers: silence wall! , death reborn revolution! , heal

weapon: glaive

forms: sailor saturn, super sailor saturn, eternal sailor saturn, hotaru, misstress 9

favorite food: nihon soba

least favorite food: milk

planet: saturn

sign: capricorn

blood type: ab

hobbies: reading in the park, collecting lamps

favorite subject: world history

least favorite subject: physical education

dream: to become a nurse

strong point: healing injuries

weak point: marathons

favorite gemstone: flourite

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