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Tsukino Usagi is the clumsy, whining, but big hearted leader of the Sailor Scouts, Sailormoon. Sailormoon is also the reincarnation of the moon princess (Princess Serenity) and true love of Prince Endymion (Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask). She is truely loyal to her friends and is quite determined to protect them and the earth against the forces of the evil. She enjoys reading comics,shopping,eating sweets and playing video games. Her grades are usually a bit worse for wear from lack of studying, but when she is focused and determined she can accomplish most anything. In the future Usagi/Sailormoon becomes the queen of Crystal Tokyo (Neo Queen Serenity) in the 30th century with Endymion by her side and has a daughter named Usagi/Chibi Usagi/Chibi Usa who eventually becomes a sailor scout.

BY THE WAY just in case people are confused, Sailor Moon's costume colors are: Blue and DARK PINK NOT RED its a common confusion.

Real Name:Usagi Tsukino
Age: 14
Birthday: June 30
Star sign: Cancer
Likes: Eating, Video Games
Dislikes: Suprise Tests in School
Hobbies: Shopping
Special Strengths: Loyal Friend
Favorite Food: Peanut Butter and Jelly, Ice Cream, Dumplings
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Animal: Bunny Rabbit
Favorite Subject: Music

The Senshi:
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Chiba Mamoru:

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Tuxedo Kamen:

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Neo Queen Serenity

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Princess Serenity
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Mr_King_Endymion0012 Report | 01/04/2014 8:48 am
Welcome online Happy New Year to you.
Professor Cypress Report | 11/28/2013 7:19 pm
Professor Cypress
Happy Thanksgiving Usagi! Glad to see you again.
Professor Cypress Report | 11/03/2013 5:47 pm
Professor Cypress
You're leaving!? crying
Intoxicating Despair Report | 11/03/2013 12:29 pm
Intoxicating Despair
I hope you do! Take care.
Intoxicating Despair Report | 11/02/2013 5:55 pm
Intoxicating Despair
A shame to see you go. We used to have a lot of good times with the Sailor Moon cosplay group. Oh well at least we still have facebook. (Steven Stewart btw. I know I change names on gaia too much so you probably lost track of what account I'm using lol). Anyway thanks for the fun gaia memories. It was because of you that I even got involved with the Sailor Moon avatar cosplay stuff in the first place. Avatar cosplaying became so addictive after that I'm still doing it with other series. To think it all started with my iTuxedo Kamen account and a random encounter in towns. You are a cool person. I'm glad we got to meet. Make sure to say goodbye to some of the users we used to hang out with, even if you haven't talked to them in a long time. I'm sure that would make them happy.
Lilith Marie Raventhorne Report | 11/01/2013 11:58 am
Lilith Marie Raventhorne
I would like some gold please I only have 2,000, donations are greatly loved and accepted! heart
Mr_King_Endymion0012 Report | 11/01/2013 10:26 am
Mr_King_Endymion0012 Report | 09/30/2013 2:09 am
I love your avatar you are now be Neo Queen Serenity the Queen of future smile
Professor Cypress Report | 09/19/2013 6:18 pm
Professor Cypress
Wow, haven't seen you in forever, how've ya been?
HououMinamino Report | 09/14/2013 7:49 pm
What a wonderful representation of Princess Serenity!


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