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Oh, won't you tell me? Please just tell me.

Explain how this should work.

Well now who could it be, that lives inside of me?
I'm broken, lying helpless, shattered
Surrounded by the world

And yet, you're smiling bright
Completely blind to life

My ruptured lungs; they were left this way
For once, I'm out of breath.
The truth I seek, never felt so bleak but,
I maintain my depth


I'm breakable;
I'm shaking yet,
Until the day that you find me.

I'll stand here,
Existing and feeling wretched* existence
Consuming life-force til I grow distant
Don't bother searching for somebody like me.
A fading no one.
I don't want to hurt you, It's not my nature.
A monster born from dusk to dawn can't be your saviour
Remember the 'me', the way I used to be.

As who I still should be.

The isolation spreads and tears
Those happy /days, pierce into me
These lonely memories cease to care
They spread throughout my history

I’ll never move
I’ll never lose
I’ll never move
I’ll never lose
I’ll never move
I’ll never lose you.
Unraveling the world

At once, I start changing,
Yet everything’s remaining
These lives I felt would join as one,
They fade away before they’ve begun.
I’m breakable; unbreakable
I’m shaking yet, unshakable
Until these hands “contaminate” you

I’ll stand here existing and feeling wretched existence
Consuming life-force til I grow distant
Don't bother searching for somebody like me. A fading no one.
This lonely space, held into place by someone crazy
Shall melt away like dawn to day as things get hazy
So please think of me, the way I used to be.

As who I really should be

So don’t forget me,
You can’t forget me
You won’t forget me
Please don’t forget me.

With changing inside I’m completely paralyzed
Remaining corrupt as I wish for paradise

Remember the 'me', the way I used to be.

Oh, won’t you tell? Oh, please just tell…
Well now who could it be, that lives inside of me?


Hey My name is Josh I am 23 years old i live in Spring, Tx I like anime and having fun i some times draw when i feel like it and the results are well what u see of my old avi i have on my profile some were :/ any way i love Reading and writing fan fiction i have 2 stories one is dicontinued i lost ideas for it the other i am writing still but have yet to update because i dont feel like it -_- Um i dislikepeople who look down or speak bad about others with thought having a good reason. Dislike people who cheat on their gf or bf. I am living in depression right now and i dont know when im going to get out of it. I feel alone in my own world and that no one understands or gets me. But i move on as much as i can I can be a nice person if you are a nice person but if u are a jerk or mean to one of my friends u will not get the nice me u will get the mean me >:C My favorite anime is Naruto ( yeah yeah omg a narutard GFYS) and i like watching Beezlbub, bleach, Blue exorcist, and recaping on dragonball Z. As you can see in the picture of me on my profile that i am not great looking person, but i dont care what anyone thinks of me. NO im not emo NO im not gothic i just like the color black its one of the only colors that looks good on me i dont like the color pink, purple, or yellow, My favoirte color is green ( yeah i know shocking right) My favorite animal is a fox they are just to cute to me :3 ( and no i dont like foxes becouse of naruto i like them because they are cute fluffy and very playful) well that pretty much i am putting need to know more just ask me razz


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Find me on Discord!!!!
User: Bunni#5180
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tp to me again i found a less crouded room
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you cant do that! > o<
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is not cause i just sent you a gift so let go ;o
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b-but....but thats no fair! > o<
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Let gu >////<;;
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-bites shoulder- grrr! > n<
II Yuki Ookami II
Ziro Oroboro

My Friends i Know in real life

Avi art of me Created by MY really nice friend Demon Nicor :D


Avi art by my friend XxLunaNeomixX

I love Foxes they are the coolest animal in the world to me :3