About Me!

Well, Hello there, Stranger/Friend!
I am Gisla! (=w=)7

I'll tell some small things about me:

>> I am straight (idk why this needs to be said, but just in case I guess?)

>> I'm Asian. (to be specific, Filipino)

>> I love to draw and anime (I rarely draw nowadays, trying to get back to it)

>>I love the color purple/violet!(Profile checks out)

>> I rarely hang out on the site, it's really mostly just me doing dailies, checking marketplace and appreciate my avi on Rally/Towns for a bit(can essentially AFK) and leave, so if I never/rarely reply to your messages, I'm sorry!(I'm friendly though! I don't bite ;w; )

>> I play a lot of games! Mostly with irl friends but I don't mind playing with future online friends!