know me bitches

↠don't date
↠don't do sexy time
↠casual chatter
↠long form rp-er

↠mfa in studio art dropout
↠applying to grad film program

↠watch a lot of movies
↠enjoy a few series
↠anime is okay
↠be cool to meet script writers

↠random pms encouraged
↠my replies are long af
↠let's chat it up!

police lives don't matter

Harriet Martineau
"How to Observe Morals and Manner:"

"No wise man blushes at being ignorant of any science which it has not suited his purposes to study, or which it has not been in his power to attain. No linguist wrings his hands when astronomical discoveries are talked of in his presences; no political economist covers his face when shown a shell or a plant which he cannot class; still less should the artist, the natural philosopher, the commercial traveler, or the classical scholar, be ashamed to own himself unacquainted with the science which, of all the sciences which have yet opened upon men, it, perhaps, the least cultivated, the least definite, the least ascertained in itself, and the most difficult in it's application"

+MFA major.
+As old as Totoro.
+Anxiety (from ptsd).
+World building is my jam.
+On Gaia mainly to find some good rps to join/create.
+My anxiety gets the better of me sometimes, so your patience is appreciated.