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Ducky Zilla Report | 04/25/2019 9:48 pm
That's good to hear hon. I'm going through a lot right now, but surviving.
Ducky Zilla Report | 04/19/2019 5:54 pm
Hey hon! It's going good, how are you? It's been awhile.
Ducky Zilla Report | 04/18/2019 9:45 pm
Hey, stranger! heart
VampireDraculina Report | 03/19/2019 7:26 pm
Aw, thats okay! I just figured i would offer in case you were bored <3
VampireDraculina Report | 03/19/2019 7:04 pm
speaking of games, wanna play cards against humanity with me and a friend?
oir are you busy?
VampireDraculina Report | 03/19/2019 6:46 pm
What on earth are you after now? rofl
And I still wish you would consider investing my money for me sweatdrop
I have 11t in pure but I need to make more somehow. I just dont know what to invest in crying
And i suck at gambling, so, like... LOL
VampireDraculina Report | 03/19/2019 6:20 pm
If you're feeling lucky, post stalk me and come win some free s**t wink
VampireDraculina Report | 03/19/2019 6:19 pm
Oh, no booboo! crying
y u do? xd
Well, im glad you still have your sense of humor at least xp
VampireDraculina Report | 03/16/2019 10:15 pm
y u nekkie?
VampireDraculina Report | 02/23/2019 12:00 pm
Good! Just moved to Missouri a month ago and loving life emotion_bigheart
I am getting ******** spoiled here, bruh gonk
My health is still in the shitter, but i'm trying to keep my head afloat.
Been spending most of my days doing wifey s**t like cooking and cleaning. lol

How have you been?! whee