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Occupation: Professional Boob Inspector


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Also a level 10 Alchemist on my main. Level 10 Alchemist on here now, too. Old main is Chachiix, for those that knew me on there, congrats. c:

Fact: I haven't changed my avatar since July 23rd, 2012. Changed on the 4th year of not changing it.

Welp, I'm a guy that goes by Chachii, as most may not know. This account is now my main account.

I'm also programming a game right now, which will be my first game. I'm a male, 23 years old and self taught with technology. I love learning about scientific and mathematical things, especially astrophysics. The universe is my second biggest passion coming close to my favorite-- creating [games].

I enjoy music more than most things, but I listen to mostly metal and video [retro] game OSTs.

Favorite Bands include:

☣ Scar Symmetry
☣ Soilwork
☣ Thousand Foot Krutch
☣ Dark Tranquility
☣ Manegarm
☣ Secret and Whisper
☣ In Flames
☣ Sirenia
☣ Northland
☣ Cradle of Filth
☣ Coheed and Camrbia
☣ Red
☣ Noumena
☣ Avantasia
☣ Edguy
☣ Machinae Supremacy
☣ Lionville
☣ Tesseract

I have four cats and I love me some snakes and other reptiles. I also want a fox. My humor is really dark, crude, vulgar, dry, and sarcastic.
Memes are destroying my life. User Image

Message me if you want to get to know me more. c:


Make me jizz even more by buying my sh*t. ;D

If something is listed very high, I do not expect that price unless it is very rare; message me about it either way.

I do the 5% thinger, just PM me. I take offers on some times, just not stupid ones


I also take items depending on the mood and items. Just don`t try to rip me off. However, I do not take art as payment as I am not really an art person, sorry.

If you want to be my Cash Shop supplier, I`ll be grateful. I tend to try my best to look out for you, as a supplier rather than just buy from you. c:

Hodamn, what a vend! #rekt <-- Updated

As of 5/30/2014, there is no such thing as a misprice. If you "missed" a digit, you didn`t. You wanted that price because there is a confirmation. Don`t message me about it. **Exception on items just released, I might return it if I`m feeling good.


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geht Report | 02/05/2018 9:58 am
I honestly think I wouldn’t be able to have much time to play computer games. I hardly have time to play my Xbox.
I work third shift(graveyard shift) and that drains me basically. But yeah, it wouldn’t hurt to try. What games do you play for your computer? I have a MacBook Pro.

Awesome! How’s your game coming along?
MelodyofaHeart Report | 02/04/2018 8:21 pm
Woahhhh astrophysics! Jealous- ahhh an understanding of the physical universe while creating virtual ones! That sounds cool!
Chibss Report | 02/01/2018 6:06 pm
Also sorry about the late reply gonk
Chibss Report | 02/01/2018 6:02 pm
Well I’m chilling in my eeyore adult onesie right now, I’m pretty good other than feeling like sh*t, because I’m tired... eek
geht Report | 01/31/2018 12:20 pm
I never really got into computer games. I play this game on my phone basically lol.

And thanks!

What’s up?
Chibss Report | 01/31/2018 8:23 am
how are you doing today?
geht Report | 01/30/2018 6:27 pm
I think it’s because the fan is always on and it’s cold outside that it just relaxes me lol.
Well if you like league, then it’s not stupid that you play it all the time. I play assassins creed origins as much as I can on my Xbox. But that’s if I’m not sleeping or working , or working out.

Ha, thanks! I don’t know if that’s sarcasm, but thanks. I like yours too.
geht Report | 01/30/2018 6:13 pm
I didn’t have anything going on for the day, so I was like why not just cuddle my dog and sleep all day lol
What’s up?
geht Report | 01/30/2018 5:55 pm
I slept all day lmao. Omg! I feel like a lazy bum!
geht Report | 01/30/2018 7:29 am
I’ll check them out. I must sleep though. I work thirds and I’m drained!!! I’ll youtube them all when I wake up.


"Once again changes feed the progress of the world"

I'm no longer hyper addicted to RIGs, yay. These days, I have a severe addiction to memes. It's tearing my life apart, honestly... My wife left me, my kids were taken from me, my family has shunned and outcast me, even my dog ran away from me. I DON'T EVEN HAVE KIDS, EITHER.


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