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Also a level 10 Alchemist on my main. Level 10 Alchemist on here now, too. Old main is Chachiix, for those that knew me on there, congrats. c:

Fact: I haven't changed my avatar since July 23rd, 2012. Changed on the 4th year of not changing it.

Welp, I'm a guy that goes by Chachii, as most may not know. This account is now my main account.

I'm a male, 29 years old and self taught with technology. I have an amazing girlfriend who I've been with for almost 2 years now. I love learning about scientific and mathematical things, especially astrophysics. The universe is my second biggest passion coming close to my favorite-- creating [games].

I'm also programming a couple games, as well as learning more in depth about programming. I'm currently doing the artwork for them as well as the music.

I enjoy music more than most things, but I listen to mostly metal and video [retro] game OSTs.

Favorite Bands include:

☣ Scar Symmetry
☣ Svavelvinter
☣ Solution .45
☣ Soilwork
☣ Æther Realm
☣ Opal in the Sky
☣ Allegaeon
☣ Thousand Foot Krutch
☣ Dark Tranquility
☣ Manegarm
☣ Secret and Whisper
☣ In Flames
☣ Sirenia
☣ Northland
☣ Cradle of Filth
☣ Coheed and Camrbia
☣ Demon Hunter
☣ Noumena
☣ Avantasia
☣ Machinae Supremacy
☣ Tesseract
☣ Atlas Pain

I have 12 cats and I love me some snakes and other reptiles, and birds too!
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I also want a fox. My humor is really dark, crude, vulgar, dry, and sarcastic.
Memes are destroying my life. User Image

Message me if you want to get to know me more. c:

***Profile background from Eemeling on DeviantArt.***



Make me j**z even more by buying my s**t. ;D

If something is listed very high, I do not expect that price unless it is very rare; message me about it either way. Note that I`m likely looking for more than ABP, but not a ridiculous amount over unless it`s a very rare item.

I do the 5% thinger, just PM me. I take offers on some items, just not stupid ones


I also take items depending on my mood and items. Just don`t try to rip me off. However, I do not take art as payment as I am not really an art person, sorry.

Hodamn, what a vend! #rekt ← Updated


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Lord Frayr Report | 07/12/2024 10:12 pm
Lord Frayr
Thanks for your purchase, funny a** name and I love the profile music. Definitely a pleasure!
Dire Giovonie Report | 07/09/2024 2:41 pm
Dire Giovonie
Thank you for shopping with me ♡
BambiBae Report | 07/09/2024 8:35 am
Thanks for buying ~ Enjoy the fish heart
faye_fei Report | 07/04/2024 8:04 pm
Hi Mr! heart
final josiv Report | 07/04/2024 12:37 pm
final josiv
thanks for the trade, and fair price! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
deathinmypocket Report | 07/03/2024 9:45 pm
Ty for your purchase!
TeccythePriestess Report | 07/02/2024 5:59 pm
love the avi and the profile! thanks for buying from my shop! gaia_sakura
o n i t s u n e Report | 06/16/2024 11:54 am
o n i t s u n e
ty heart
iiroko Report | 06/12/2024 10:40 am
social work hehe
what type of dev stuff?
iiroko Report | 06/12/2024 10:24 am
slaving away at work!


If I randomly disappear, it's because of of my meme addiction. help
My neglected Ticket Tracker
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I make art. Click the Happy Cappy™ to visit my ko-fi or just PM me. I'm still a bit new to this.

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