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Hello, everyone! I'm Jeweled Jacinta, otherwise known as Tepperz or Tay. (he/they)

I love the arts and interacting with creative people. I'm a big fan of anime/manga and drawing. I want to make my own published comics.

My links:
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Feel free to mail me: I like talking to new people =D

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2sammygate Report | 10/25/2020 1:52 pm
how have things been? domokun stargate
BloomingDays Report | 09/28/2020 10:25 am
Thank you for your purchase! heart
2sammygate Report | 09/14/2020 4:59 pm
that's unfortunate! plus we were having so much fun chatting you didn't get to sleep until even later ;A; that was some great conversation tho

yeah i lacked sleep too, i got woken up early by a phone call. the ONE TIME i don't have my phone on airplane mode overnight D:
domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 09/13/2020 10:01 pm
that early shift on short sleep must have been exhausting lol domokun stargate
I00K Report | 09/13/2020 12:49 pm
Thanks for buying biggrin
2sammygate Report | 09/11/2020 9:41 pm
worst would have to be being misgendered after coming out as their true gender. idiot transphobes will go out of their way to call a trans man with a full beard "she". *facepalms*
well good on you! that's a great attitude to have! :3
i actually do have a whole backstory with my avatar! each form change usually has some kind of minor power with it, though i haven't been doing that as much recently.

ah, gotta make that real life money! XD please do! i have my current avatar for example! ^^

i know, i was so surprised! this avi is a real inspiration for people hehe
well i don't sleep before gaia reset, which is 3 am! but i try to sleep as soon after that as possible! OAO
domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 09/11/2020 9:15 pm
you're definitely different from all the other trans men i've met on gaia, they all make super masculine avatars, probably cause that's how they imagine themselves!
as much as korea has taken over the world with kpop they still are a bit behind in being accepting of people sadly!

i mean i have an art funder account and i'd happily commission you again to do other avatars. :3 i especially want someone reasonably priced and fast because i enjoy surprising friends with art, it just brings them pure joy and i LOVE making others happy emotion_bigheart

yeah maybe i should try to do that tonight XD dunno if i'll be successful! but i managed to find another artist while advertising my store in CB and she already has a WIP! and that's why when i see an art drop thread i ask if they take commissions!
domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 09/11/2020 9:03 pm
yeah i'm hoping for 4 hours of sleep, which is excellent for a work night!
i LOVE making cute things hehe. i especially needed to after breaking up with my ex, she had an odd cultural thing where she didn't like my avatars too feminine, which is why this avatar is so pink 8D
i have a gallery that i REALLY need to update lol. this is my avis from 2019 and earlier!
domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 09/11/2020 8:50 pm
trades have been super laggy recently it seems! my work weekend starts too! yay little sleep twins! XD

omg i love them both! emotion_kirakira makes me glad i put my next avi in my status! that avi was actually ghosted for someone else and i fell so in love with it that i had to make her for myself X3
also it's best when an artist really enjoys making a piece, those tend to be their best work :3
domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 09/11/2020 8:24 pm
oh, good! o3o

today has been a really good day owo
domokun stargate


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