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About me fools MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

****Ignore 2010 me, he was a goober. at this moment i'm trying to get back to GAIA, and hopefully find some old friends and try to catch up. I regretted backing from this site because i didn't get the contacts before everyone fell off the grid. ya dig. If you are one of my Old GAIA friends, don't be hesitant to shoot me a message, i'll try to get back to you smucks as soon as I can. might have to edit this profile***

Love anime and deathnote! mew ma friend!XD Lyle IS ma broXD and GHost well hes coolXD


This verse of mine comes from my heart and soul.
this world is full of beautiful things which make up her bieng.
one of them is both sun and sky creating beautiful colors when it sets and rise.
the vast blue ocean which I crossed her tears to get to you.
the land in which i walked upon her back watching life flurish as life is shown into your eyes. The beauty of this world reminds me of you, how I wish to be at your side. To hold you, be near you, and to love you just as I love the beautiful things on this earth. in other words.... I love you.

if you love this poem copy and paste this unto yours. or comment me on my profile.



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Jhonzy Cupcake Report | 01/01/2021 7:44 pm
Jhonzy Cupcake
Hey! Happy New Year!! smile
123MissMimi123 Report | 05/13/2017 7:18 pm
I is fine! How are you?
123MissMimi123 Report | 05/13/2017 7:16 pm
Hi there!
Enifton Maiyako Report | 04/26/2017 4:04 pm
Enifton Maiyako
The music is going quite well! c:
Thanks! ^^
Hematophage Report | 04/25/2017 11:45 am
Enifton Maiyako Report | 04/22/2017 8:44 pm
Enifton Maiyako
Thank you for the song suggestion! 3nodding
Delusions Nostalgie Report | 04/21/2017 7:10 pm
Delusions Nostalgie
n wn nmhm mhm ~
Enifton Maiyako Report | 04/21/2017 7:04 pm
Enifton Maiyako
That's fine! I'll listen to Jazz too. I just wanted to see what other people like for music. I like pretty much anything. biggrin
Delusions Nostalgie Report | 04/21/2017 6:52 pm
Delusions Nostalgie
nmm~! n wn Soapy good <3
Delusions Nostalgie Report | 04/21/2017 5:17 pm
Delusions Nostalgie

My stories


in the future where airships and sky fotress exsist. a great disaster destroyed civilaizations, and not many survived. But one person rose up from the ashes and slowly rebuild. Much of the technology was destroyed except for the air ships. but that person as if god like created machines that benifeted mankind. To the eyes of the foolish he was a god! he gave himself the title of grand emperor of this new world. but other could see through his descise and new him to be an tyrant. when other countries decided to flock under his banner. some refuse to lose there independence. he swiftly tooken care of them....

many countries are under his banner. some through allainces forge through treaties, secret documents, even marriges... the rebels now turn thieves rom the land, sea, and finally sky. this is the story of Sky Azure. the so called "Bandit King" and his road to liberating the defeated countries, forging unlikely allaiances and finally deafeting the bandit king.

(now this will be written like a script.)
Sky Azure: the young Sky pirate who was crowned Bandit King by his father before his exicution. he carries two pistols and a Tabo(japanese long sword) with an interesting desighn of a horned beast as the gaurd. the hilt represents the body, and the blade is the togue. if imbuled with magick. it becomes a dragon.




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Pluto the Lost

Well i'm sorta back, trying to see
if i can talk to some of you peeps.