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please donate a grunny im new and im old and creppid




i am 55 years old i am the mother of bahamutzero666 and Dargon0690 im single im not looking to date anyone,and girls just want to have fun!User Image
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kitkatratpack Report | 03/07/2021 3:40 am
XxCountessLuluOfLunacyxX Report | 11/20/2020 1:09 pm
Your avi is so beautifully made btw.
Tenacity_T Report | 07/10/2020 6:05 am
Cool avi heart
xXxOMG_RAWRxXx Report | 04/10/2017 7:57 pm
Omg, I am glad your daughter is back but, I am so sorry about your grand daughter.
I hope it gets resolved quickly, and she doesn't have to suffer any further than she already has, I am so sorry.
And no, not anymore. I was working for a claims adjusting company for a few years. But I got pregnant and miscarried.
A couple years later, after a few complications, it turned out that my miscarriage had triggered a genetic chronic kidney disease that was slowly festering
Then, about 3 years after my miscarriage, i had my first kidney infection. (well, we still didn't know about my condition just yet). But after the first, my health started to dwindle. I was getting sick more often, weaker, stopped having menstrual cycles.
Then 2 years after my first I had another one, where they finally found out I had Poly-cystic Kidney Disease or just PKD for short.
Its a disease where aside from being prone to infections and kidney stones, my body is prone to creating and spreading cysts. Cysts for a normal person is nothing, but for one with PKD
The cysts will spread from organ to organ, multiplying, and enlarging until they take over the tissue of the organ they are on, as well as increasing the weight of the organ.
And so far, we know that both my kidneys, my liver, my bladder, and my ovaries are infected.
So, I am a stay at home wife, I am helping to start working from home soon, so hopefully I will have that again. But, in the mean time, I cook, clean, launder when I am not sick.
Which, I am so sorry for the late reply. I obtained a bladder infection soon after I last commented, Almost better though.

xXxOMG_RAWRxXx Report | 03/31/2017 4:22 pm
stressed An incident occurred, and I had to quit stressed

whee But, it's alright whee

How's your family?!
xXxOMG_RAWRxXx Report | 03/28/2017 4:12 pm

crying I'ts been soooo long! How have you been? crying
emparagon89 Report | 03/16/2016 7:44 am
no problem! whee
The Cometeer Report | 02/28/2016 2:41 pm
The Cometeer
You're welcome!
Issapizza Report | 02/23/2016 4:03 am
SpongeDab YeetPants Report | 01/13/2016 3:59 am
SpongeDab YeetPants
What did i buy? sweatdrop




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i respect my mom and love her

im a b***h ima lover ima child ima mother

this is my mom she pretty cool

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