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You're probably trying to see what's on here and never talked to me and never will, I see you stalker
29 year old
Cosplayer, RL and Gaia
If you want my Discord, datkitty.
If you're curious about anything else, just ask.....
If you plan to add me, please give me a reason. I'm not fond of random adds


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KyRiceball Report | 05/23/2024 6:53 pm
Hiii can you pls tell me the name of your maid dress item surprised thank you heart
BunnyAmber Report | 05/04/2024 12:07 am
( . .) ?
cubicola Report | 02/27/2024 9:23 am
i love your profile's song choice 4laugh
SylviaFalls Report | 02/05/2024 6:24 am
OwO)/ hello~
Motorcitymthrfkr Report | 01/06/2024 10:02 pm
The music on your profile is really cool!
JoJoPollo Report | 12/30/2023 5:56 am
Nibeenibee Report | 12/22/2023 3:36 pm
I'm not stalking you but you were one of the last to view my profile (idk prolly like a year or so ago lol)
but you said if i had a question just ask on yo bio so how tf do you get your youtube music to auto play lmao
i ahavent really been on this game since highschool but im trying to update my s**t for shits and giggles ya know also the worlds are dead? how do ppl meet on here ?
Etherious Of The Night Report | 11/30/2023 11:02 pm
Etherious Of The Night
Love the profile!
Twisted Creme Report | 07/15/2023 10:32 am
Twisted Creme
ETundra Report | 03/24/2023 9:47 am
thanks for the purchase