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If you didn't know where you were, you're looking at my Profile. Oops! I forgot to introduce myself.
My (user)name is Fandom Melodies, but you can call me Peppy like all of my friends do Because I used to cosplay as the Peppermint Butler from Adventure time. (That I no longer have)
Here are a few things about myself you should know BEFORE you want to be my friend:

gaia_angelleft I am a Homestuck fan, like I'm still reading it and such but I love it to death, it's like my addiction for cosplay.
gaia_angelleft I love to roleplay; But I've been losing my 'touches' in it as well.
gaia_angelleft I developed another hobbies/interest since my senior year of High School. I'm absolutely in love with Dungeons and Dragons! I also have been playing Cardfight! Vanguard. Both fun, but D&D is my other passion when I'm not involved in the theatre.
gaia_angelleft I love to do D.I.Y. and Sewing projects
gaia_angelleft I got a lot of fandoms that I'm in, like D&D, Hearthstone, GW2, Undertale, Homestuck, etc. Just ask and you may receive.
gaia_angelleft I am actually related to the Man who invented that tasty yellow cake and cream, the Twinkie, from Hostess. So I think I bake really well because it's a part of him passed down to me. Its really neat to know that. Interesting fact about him: He would eat a twinkie each week of the month.
gaia_angelleft I am a Drama kid, but I've decided to take the back seat and be in the Costume Department. Also favorite Musical is Mary Poppins, and my favorite play is Peter and the Starcatchers.
gaia_angelleft Last time I wrote in here, it was my senior year. Well, it's been a year since I've graduated and I've worked my little booty in a Professional Theatre Company that I've loved working in. It's my 2nd year as a Wardrobe Assistant and loved doing it. I'm hoping for College, but that hasn't really been going well. If College doesn't work, I got other opportunities I can do to keep me busy and maybe even learn a few useful things.
gaia_angelleft I know enough people that love Dr. Who, they drew Dalek's on my year book, and I also do love Dr. Who as well.
gaia_angelleft I love cosplaying so much, I hope to pursue costuming in the Theatre.
gaia_angelleft Lastly, Be Happy with you are and stay true to that, as well as being kind because those things can get you very far like it has for me.
gaia_angelleft Also a big fan of RuPaul's Drag Race, Favorite Queen is KATYA!! (& Trixie as well)
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The The People that always make me who I am.
gaia_angelleft My Sister. gaia_angelright
(She does not go on at all, it seems like)

My Cool Friend emotion_kirakira
(Don't mess with her!)
P.S. She has a youtube channel

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Apocawypse Report | 05/23/2019 11:33 am
Hi Pep! I like your avi. It reminds me of Aries season : o
IDS Wheatley Report | 04/27/2019 7:22 pm
IDS Wheatley
Aw, thank you! I actually quite like yours as well. You dont see a lot of people using the Case's faces anymore.
Dapper WolfMan Report | 09/02/2018 7:57 pm
Dapper WolfMan
Thanks xd
LucreciaTatsumoto Report | 03/12/2018 8:51 pm
Thank yooooooou :3
Grotesque Passion Report | 03/06/2017 10:21 am
Grotesque Passion
That makes sense.. And no problem~
Grotesque Passion Report | 03/05/2017 6:33 am
Grotesque Passion
I love your avi! What's it supposed to be? It kind of looks like a werewolf/human hybrid kinda
Grotesque Passion Report | 02/13/2017 5:23 pm
Grotesque Passion
Sorry about the late reply, Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!
Grotesque Passion Report | 02/12/2017 1:16 pm
Grotesque Passion
Tobi Kaito Report | 01/16/2017 9:52 pm
Tobi Kaito
Okay I did a good and a bad mixed thing.

Good I now know my exact birth date, location, and time now memorized. xd Bad I only know because I stole from my dad's room a "Our Baby" book about me. sweatdrop And more news I'm higher blooded then I even thought by two points only so Jade blood it's funny how little changes effect a lot.

So I now just learned my birth time isn't 11:55 pm but is 10:05 pm changing my sun into Aquarius making it 11. Cancer 4, Virgo moon 6, Aquarius Sun 11, and cancer again 3 added up made 24/4 = 6 which to mimski's chart was jade. 3nodding

I should now sneak this book back before my dad thinks we were robbed. sweatdrop
Tobi Kaito Report | 01/16/2017 8:22 pm
Tobi Kaito
It's funny to have a lime blood as your troll blood cause you're unknown on the fact of being dead or alive but everyone says dead.

My weird theory is the lime green bloods are alive in secret and one of their powers aren't special to us but is special to trolls as they're different from other trolls with how they were born as it's all female/male/female/male/female (you get the idea.) perhaps, cause we honestly only get they had special powers so they were hunted to near or exact extinction.

Course my theory is only made up to the fact I don't wanna be a dead troll mostly. lol So I mostly lie and say my troll blood is green, or yellow mostly green.
Fandom Melodies

My beloved Sister IRL