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Ya could say i was addicted to my Nuffy Headshots xd

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Who is Sammy?!?


Sammy is a 30 something years old young pixel addict... Sammy returned to Gaia in the summer of 2021 after a 10 year hiatus. Previously used to be found haunting friends comment boxes and stalking their threads. Currently to be found muddling their way through all the new pretty pixels and looking for new victims friends to stalk/haunt

Loves: random comments, people with a sense of humour and those able of holdin a conversation, feel free to drop by and say hello. I dont bite despite what others might say xd
I have some of the most amazing friends here although I disappeared for so long most seem to have flittered away sad

Hates: beggars, hackers and scammers.

N.B I will NOT accept friend requests from people i do not know, if you have the time to send me a friend request then why not just drop by and say hello.

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SinnerCo Report | 02/11/2024 9:33 am
Sarcasms always good 😜 my days been okay thanks, busy one! Been decorating etc!
2sammygate Report | 02/10/2024 1:22 am
oh a short commute is lucky!

i just... wish sex was less important to people. world would be a better place.
how i wish that was true! my kink is just too uncommon ):
unrelated to kink reddit, on the subreddit for the store i worked at i got thanked by one of the mods for always creating such positive engagement. as a mod they're happy to see posts being made and commented in, seeing a dead subreddit would make them sad.

it's hard cause ToS! also i used to tell everyone but now there's a core of people who hate my guts just for being a kinky asexual.
to the point where someone made a sammy2gate account and started posting porn hoping the mods were dumb enough to think it was my alt and ban me.

i have bad ADHD so when my meds fade my focus just dies completely.
domokun stargate
YammyKoo Report | 02/08/2024 2:45 pm
YammyKoo Report | 02/08/2024 2:37 pm
YammyKoo Report | 02/08/2024 2:29 pm
who dares bothers my slumber... -grumble grumble-
YammyKoo Report | 02/08/2024 2:18 pm
i don't do comments enough but here's a random one for you. i poof off to the abyss now
2sammygate Report | 02/08/2024 1:46 am
stupid companies are stupid. when people can sleep in and avoid commuting, they work better due to actually getting enough sleep!

yeah like neither position makes sense to the other. i could definitely never date an allosexual woman. but sadly almost all kinky women are allo crying
i'm on reddit all the time!

i mean i'd like a bit more similarity! then that would mean there's someone else out there like me ;A;
my weirdness mainly comes from what my kink is.

yep. plus my meds fading wihich is why i'm still up. thought i'd be asleeo 40 minutes ago ):
domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 02/08/2024 12:41 am
assholes t(-_-t)

it's just like as an ace i can't understand WHY sex is so important to people and how people get bent out of shape going without sex for ridiculously short amounts of time O_o
i visit the meme sub so rarely and it doesn't show up on my first few things when i open reddit!

i mean. i'm a total weirdo. my send of humor is pretty boring though XD

yeah my shift today ended at 11 pm ^^
domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 02/08/2024 12:06 am
if only you could keep working from home once better!

it does suck how tough it is for people to fully grasp it ): allos experience romantic and sexual attraction together. aces do not. being so small just hurts...
yeah i might start making discussion posts in the ace meme sub as a ******** you to the mods in the main ace sub. and i don't count gaia emotes as emojis. BBCode forum emotes predate emojis.

i work night shifts :3

that's lame ): chill time is great to spend on gaia tho o.o
domokun stargate
SinnerCo Report | 02/07/2024 11:53 am
NUH-UH, I do not play the victim! I just act sarcastically surprised when caught is all 👀😜 hope your day is going well.


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