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Be light

For those struggling with their life,
keep going
No matter what, I believe in you.

There is always hope,
although sometimes
it's not shown the way we expect.

"Heal yourself to heal the world"

Eva | Sag ♃ 95' | INFP 9w1

My Tumblr

Once in a moonlight,
the breeze paints our vast sky
with touches of memory.

The distant horizon seems serene,
yet beneath its tranquil scene,
tides of emotion churn, unseen.

Like echoes,
they whisper distant messages,
fading on each wave.

the soul find its ways
of talking within dreams,
treading in silence,
seeking the key
to the hidden chambers.

Time after time,
I wonder whats the purpose
of its arrival.

The reminiscent illusion