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About IS my DA. I don't really post anything new on it really anymore. I still draw so if you;re looking for some art just ask me. I'll tell you more from there.

Some things about me. I'm 29 /Female/ Don't RP at all so don't ask me too. Cause you'll be shut down immediately. Hurhur~ I'm pretty nice tho so don't let that stop you from talking to me. Just don't try to RP. EW

My favorite music is Metal, and techno.

Favorite band is Ghost, Rotting Christ, and Infected Mushroom. Their is more but I listen to these three the most. Around the holidays its usually Type O Negative. RIP Steele heart

I'm obsessed with monster girls and usually make sexy avi girls with monster themes. If anyone needs item names that I'm wearing please ask me I'm not mean.

OH!! Any Witch item on this site I will sell and arm and a leg for. OOFF! The soul is sold already so I can't sell that again. Heheh~ *cough* Anyways. Enjoy my basic profile.

I'm also madly in love with Eustass Captain Kid, Killer, and X Drake from One Piece. The best anime of all time. FIGHT ME!

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Shikka Kuragari Report | 03/01/2023 8:53 pm
Shikka Kuragari
OMFG I LOVE You avi! emotion_jawdrop emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
Extreme-Femme Report | 05/09/2022 9:44 am
Artificial Desires Report | 11/03/2021 1:25 pm
Artificial Desires
2 more days ninja

(Can't PM because Gaia won't let me create new ones) stressed
Amandacutiepie35 Report | 09/13/2021 1:38 pm
cool profile
Bri_Blood Report | 08/22/2021 9:52 pm
ee thank you >w< i need more lilac shiit hehe
Bri_Blood Report | 08/21/2021 12:55 am
AAAHH You look amazing!! the colors, the pops of gold, the perfect color matching!! aah!!
HannaLar Report | 08/17/2021 6:31 pm
Ellie Val Report | 07/13/2021 6:22 am
Ellie Val
Very thick!
Demon Belladonna Report | 05/16/2021 6:44 pm
Demon Belladonna
hahah thanks that's nice of you to say smile heart
Demon Belladonna Report | 05/16/2021 5:13 pm
Demon Belladonna
Awe your welcome I would be lying if I didn't say your avatar's are always beautiful and kind of make me jealous I wish I had the talent to put together some of the amazing looks you can do *giggle* I try to match my husband as much as I can but he don't really change his look very often
Darkeater Midir

I drew this~ lol behold the abominations!

I'm not taking commissions now!!

My Gaia Hubby~