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Hey the Name is Bryant Tellez.
I usually don;t Like talking about myself because I like being alone sometimes but overall I am a nice person to be with. There's notihng emotionally wrong with me, just I go through stuff and I do my best to move ahead and do my best. Hopefully you can understand that. General Information could always be asked from me so don't be shy or anything. But If you want a old school frame. Heres one:

Name: Bryant Tellez


Picture: Look Around my Page, You'll Find Updated ones.

Sex: Male if not obvious. (it should be D:< wink

Hm, Any close people to me. Well Yuh Ive had 3 Best friends since Senior Year and even more. We all miraculous got left back and became best friends and I hope that never changes but since School and stuff got me kept up its hard. But overall I'm always going to have my twin brother "Sly Myoto" in real life. He is awesome and one of the reasons I like being a twin. He is a dooshebag and never compare me to him in a rude manner or talk bad about him. It makes you an auto enemy and I do my best to annoy you. But I could take jokes and stuff like that because I'm no different. Although I could be serious and carry out interesting conversations.
Oh and as to end this since I really could go on forever. "I am never bored or ever have been"
I decided to add more to this. >____> but when I read it some more I thought it was enough and then I rethought about it. Some more stuff, hm Im somewhat sensitive to those who can make me feel comfortable. Ive been losing Gaia friends alot lately..or not really taking an interest in talking deeply into conversations anymore. Reason is because people find lame reasons to leave and I don't really want to go through any off that crap.

My favorites are a lot. >____> but i don't really know what to say. I am making a magna plot line with my twin who has recently fallen in love and makes me goo aww sometimes. >_____> I am into the seven deadly sins although im naturally sweet and nice I am to be considered or related to Wrath the most. I play Halo and other games..Im like bi turning slightly gayer every time. >____> I have nice lips and people say Im a decent kisser..not the worst for sure D:
uhmm and I shall add more to this either another day or month or year. You can always talk to me..if im not in one of those lonely moods.

Hey, I guess it's about that time. I have been busy with school, but nothnig I can't handle. I really have the goodest of bad luck ever. Or Vice versa. I finally pass tihs test that was holding me back and I feel slightly more accomplished.
Lately I been quite as a downer as a positiver... lol but I do my best. I simply need distractions to just make me forget a bit...but Im not as confident..there like tons I could write..and I could only write more...about my..Feelings and things..but sometimes... I think its better of just separating yourself from the world, even if it doesn't benefit you.

Uhm Im starting to like be interested in reading and writing again. I been using the pen alot and I dunno.. I feel sorta special writing feelings, dreams and all sorts of stuff with a sense of great interest and i dunno. I like it tons.
Talking about liking stuff

Uhm about y past, hopefully they don't make my future difficult because they usually do. lol.

I decided to write a bit more instead of making a whole new about me section because well written words overtime could generally describe a person/ Like what they said before is important to who they are now even if I negate it with new words. I don't like coming on as much but that's only because I've been to tired from work and school all together although I do miss some of the perks of being online. Im getting better at my design-work and Well I hope I succeed. Im thinking of quitting.

i Really Like Daniell/DenDen, He's Yippeee on Gaia or something like that I really didn't want to date online anymore because at times it sucks but when I look at Denden smile.. I feel happier already. So I want that around my life, I want him and only him.

I made around more then a month with him. I didnt expect for "me" to fall in love this easily again, lol but he's sweet and nice. He makes me feel beyond happy and does like really aweosme things for me. Im a complete ******** up at times lol.. but he seems to like me no matter what I do. lol, not that I do it intentionally. I mean the world to him, and he probably the guy thats going to make my lifetime wish come true: hapiness. I love Him.

Stuff become small things to other people, and although you cross it out you can't help to feel like it still exist. If not in the other, then into your precious treasure what you keep around your neck that's so near your heart. It's so Important...why.

I uhm been really busy in school. I enjoy myself as I have gain tons of more friends and well, what could a boy ever ask for.

Mhm, I''m happily moving on slightly from my "awesome ex". But like there's been quite the crowd of cuties around me. Some even ask me out and Like me; but I kinda want something to make me happy. >.> Hey Den, I know you don't really care about this stuff anymore, but I've been carrying around your ring for awhile. Well ever since we broke up or more. Well, I lsot it today. I just woked up without it and I dunno. This hurts.


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