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❀ In the beginning was the Cat. Sure many stories have told more about the mothers of all dragons and her offspring, or maybe some have heard the stories of the titans...
But there was another. Queen cat, hater of idiots and lover of strawberry jam. Though strawberry jam didn't exist when she was first around she knew of it and knew she wanted it. Thus the first cat of her kin was born.

"Meow can I help you Mewther?"
"Mowcus you will become the farmer of the fields, take these seeds and grow plenty with them." And so he did, and he grew many great crops, though mostly strawberries.
Her second child showed up and with his wisdom sat before his mother.
"You have need of me Mewther?"
"Yes, we have many crops now. You are named Purral, and you will preserve all this food."
"Of course Mewther!"
Though it was then that she realized she still didn't have the glass to put the jam in. So the third child showed up.
"Mewther you called?"
"Yes Mowry, you will become an artist! Make glass! Create all things!"
"As you said it shall be Mewther."

Before long, after many years of wanting. She had her strawberry jam. ❀


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"Shekh Ma Shieraki Anni. (My Sun and Stars.)" - Daenerys


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