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heart Welcome to my store! heart

I try to always sell at the lowest price and pay attention to the average buy now price. I don't want to contribute to the inflation so I will never sell something ridiculously above the ABN price. If the ABN price is pretty low and people are selling it higher, I will often meet halfway if I don't sell for ABN.

Please PM for any questions or concerns! I will accept trades and may often do discounts/accept items depending on the item/its worth if you PM me!. gaia_moon


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about me

gaia_moon Kayla | F | Leo gaia_moon

gaia_sakura I am a current college student in the Northeast. I'm also huge Legend of Zelda fan. I enjoy many, many things so look to my interests and feel free to talk to me about them! gaia_sakura

emotion_rainbow Ponyo and Papaya are my cats. If you like cat instagrams, Ponyo's is @ponyoponcho and Papaya's is @papayuhh. If you want my personal, PM me as I don't have it public. I will not add anyone unless I know who they are. Same goes for Snapchat. emotion_rainbow

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Good King Felix Report | 08/05/2020 2:55 pm
Good King Felix
happy birthday emotion_awesome
kaekie Report | 08/01/2020 11:30 pm
I don't know if I've replied to your greeting two years ago but here 3nodding I've forgotten my password all this time so now I just got back to gaia xp Thanks for the birthday greeting heart
Roku Shoji Report | 10/23/2019 12:06 pm
Roku Shoji
thanks for buying something off me c:
chico malo excellence Report | 06/19/2019 8:45 am
chico malo excellence
You have great avatar styles. Good job, kid!
Nash-eoke_ the patcher Report | 06/13/2019 5:06 pm
Nash-eoke_ the patcher

Was great doing battle with you .

May well see you again in the Future

Regds & Peace

baebies teeth Report | 06/13/2019 2:26 pm
baebies teeth
your avi is fabulous emotion_rainbow
MahWangsOut Report | 06/10/2019 8:05 pm
Lol thank you. I love the names of your babes too.
MahWangsOut Report | 06/10/2019 7:55 pm
Oh I totally didnt check my insta for awhile. Thank you for all the love darlin. I have 3. Storm is my black 22 year old, Bailey is the orangie, shes my girl and then Flip is the little gray tiger boy. Lol And I didn't put them on there....
MahWangsOut Report | 06/10/2019 7:48 pm
Yes they really are. And yours are astonishingly cute. Ill give mine extra kisses but you give yours extra pets. Deal?
MahWangsOut Report | 06/10/2019 7:25 pm
Me too actually. I know that one day Im gonna have a whole herd of cats lol. And I dunno. Some people just won't give them a chance. And its sad really. They can be just as loving as other pets, if not more so.

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