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Sailor Moon Report | 01/13/2024 1:24 am
Sailor Moon
tysm for the fav redface
Poptart Comment Report | 07/14/2023 9:05 pm
Poptart Comment
TheJesterGuy Report | 04/30/2022 8:43 am
Haha, no problem! heart
And yeah, I always remember myself to give gifts to my Gaian friends whenever it's their birthday. It's my way of showing that I care about them. wink

I hope you're enjoying your gifts, and have a good weekend! heart
leaf Report | 04/29/2022 4:08 pm
Thank you! He's my friend who took pity on me when I was feeling sad heart
crazypieloverangel Report | 01/23/2022 12:40 pm
Love you gorgeous <3
Zakon Report | 01/16/2022 1:15 pm
We all know that feel by this point

Glad to hear from you heart
crazypieloverangel Report | 01/03/2022 11:51 am
Hey cutie ovo
Quadropopilous Report | 09/05/2021 9:53 am
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Hooker where are you
Zakon Report | 04/08/2021 5:13 am
Happy birthday maybe ninja
largely inaudible Report | 04/03/2021 6:18 am
largely inaudible
Yeah! One 2 year hiatus and I became a n00b again forgetting such fundamental basics. TY for leaving nuggests of wise wisdom for muppets like me razz

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Favorite food: Bagel with cream cheese
Favorite drink: Honey lemon tea
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite anime: No Game No Life
Favorite manga: Kiss Hug
Favorite game: Legend of Zelda Windwaker HD

Favorite romance movie: The Tourist
Favorite action movie: Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw
Favorite Studio Ghibli film: Spirited Away

Currently playing: Final Fantasy VII Remake
Currently binging: Elementary
Currently watching while drawing: NCIS

Zodiac Sign: Aries
Personality: ENTP
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