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Where I'll post some news every once in a while

Hardcore LK Gamer, LOL!

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Teams in counter-clockwise order:
"The Crazy 5" (TheJesterGuy)
Favorite spot: Kindred Wilds

"The Reserves" (Mistress White 2XXX)
Favorite spots: Kindred Wilds and Zen Garden

"RelIG Hunters 1" (Orange Cat Lady 2XXX)
Favorite spots: Zen Garden and Fafnir's Peak

"RelIG Hunters 2" (Cat Guy 2XXX)
Favorite spots: Zen Garden and Fafnir's Peak

Lots of Interests, heh

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Registered: 01/08/2009

Gender: Male

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Birthday: 09/12

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Your Neglected Sex Toy Report | 02/24/2018 3:37 am
Your Neglected Sex Toy
Hey, thanks for marking my avatar as one of your favourites! It's really nice! 3nodding
Zivox Report | 02/23/2018 2:57 pm
Oh! amazing! blaugh i am trying to get sakura and watermeat myself surprised

yay for lanzer! 4laugh

Oh i am stupid it took me awhile to get how it works but i think i faved you now??? i am so confused with this rofl
oh thats pretty awesome! its so nice that gaia is 15 years an still going! that avatar is really good i can see why it won in the placings tho!
Ah thank you very much^^
i really want to enter the runway more often but i am thinking i am not good enough yet. besides i need more backgrounds for that!
( i myself dont like backgrounds that much because all my avis were intended to be Zomg avis too--- just a personal problem xp maybe backgrounds that have more uncropped shapes would work surprised )
i am trying to improve on avatar making and i thought i wanted something that fits to ember the fox ^^
besides i really love foxes! heart
Even more so since i started living in finland! 4laugh people like foxes here alot!
BTW What have you been doing all those years?
Zivox Report | 02/23/2018 4:01 am
Yeah i actually got my corgi up to max and its a really good tree killer in my view. i dont thing people know . otherwise it wouldnt be so cheap prized. i made about 5000 plat in 1 hour yesterday lol .

I hope gaia survives more years than those ''the sky will be falling on our heads'' prophet people keep yelling about. rofl

Thanks for liking my avatar! how did you do that? i like yours surprised would have given it a like weeks ago if i knew. xd
Zivox Report | 02/22/2018 7:07 am
I am playing alot of lake kindred atm . trying to get to kill sycamorte with my king corgi an chocolate cow^^
also the chance items you get there are pretty cool! i like that you get stuff from there 4laugh
i wish they would upddate zomg to become more enjoyable with items dropped by bosses rather than gold.
imo lake kindred is more worth it.

But i am enjoying the new gaia! blaugh
Zivox Report | 02/22/2018 7:00 am
Hello! i keep forgetting to write back =O sorry. ( i have no internet atm . going to library to get some lol)

ANYWAY! i think platinum is the right step so far. also lanzer an co have been fixing alot of things! my wishlist was broken since a long time. but now i can elete things again! yay

( also sorry for missing d its broken button)
lintrollerfiend Report | 02/21/2018 9:22 pm
Lol oh I get that! rofl I fell asleep for about 3hrs tonight. But I'm still wiped out.
It actually started raining today. That was pretty crazy. And made it even more cold.
But the rain is nice, so...~
lintrollerfiend Report | 02/20/2018 9:14 pm
You should come here and freeze. xD;
I hate the heat, though. It's easier to warm up then to cool off.
You can only get so naked.
But you can wrap up in 50 blankets and stay warm. x3
lintrollerfiend Report | 02/20/2018 8:00 pm
Did it go from hot to freezing for you, too? We went from 80degrees one day to 35 the next. xD I'm dead as far as everyone is concerned.
Glad that things are going well despite crazy ass weather issues! <3
lintrollerfiend Report | 02/18/2018 6:41 pm
I'm doing pretty dang well all things considered~. How about yourself? emotion_rainbow
lintrollerfiend Report | 02/17/2018 11:14 pm

About the Jester

Hello, Chesire Guy here, and it's been a while since I came here.
To be more exactly, I joined Gaia in 2009 and went into hiatus up until 2010. It didn't help that at the time I was too shy and my English was poor.

Since I registered in this site, maaany things changed in my life, folks.
Now I consider myself less shy and my mind is now free from all my past zealotry as a fervorous fanatic Christian (10+ years from my life that I won't get back, sadly. Better later than never, they say).
However, I still have a lot of learn in this new journey I'm in, which's no other than the "Journey of Life" we all end up walking into, an essential part of my eternal quest for knowledge and enlightment.

After my second hiatus back in 2013 due to the horrendous inflation, I've came back in May of 2017 to Gaia after I knew that Lanzer was back. Since then, I've been playing LK to catch up with the economy, and I hope that with the arrival of the Platinum currency, things start to turn to better and that this be a journey toward restoring this website to its former glory.

I was born in September 12, 1987.
My main hobbies are writing, play games, listen to music, watch videos, surf the web and go for a walk sometimes.
I'm always open to know new friendships, so don't be shy (like I am, haha) to have some talk with me. I'll do my best to keep a nice conversation. heart
I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and my real house is located in a "favela"(slum) in Rio named "Juramento"(Oath in Brazilian Portuguese).

I'm also an enthusiastic of not only "furry" and anthropomorphic animals but also of non-human beings in general. You name it: aliens, demons, monsters(giant or not), elves, vampires, goblins, "were-" beings (werewolves, weretigers and stuff), etc. I'm a totally confessed "xenophilic" and I love alien/foreign/supernatural stuff a lot.


More Stuff about moi:
- 30 years old boy, will make 31 in the next September;
- Brown skinned IRL;
- Chubby;
- Bisexual;
- Atheist-Agnostic since 2011, with sympathy for Buddhism;
- Introvert but not anti-social;
- Jerk with a Heart of Gold;
- Sincere;
- Helpful but not a "people pleaser";
- Confuses fantasy with reality on almost a daily basis;
- Hopeless Romantic;
- Literally a virgin, mostly due to former religious impositions;
- Furry, and has a flying fox bat fursona named Robert "Goblinko" Jones;
- Loves his online friends over his screwed up family;
- Rookie Writer;
- Is learning how to draw;
- Addicted to Lake Kindred;
- Addicted to technology too;
- And also for music.


As for contacts, just ask me them via PMs. wink

If you ever got blocked by me, that means you're not worth my time. Period.

Every once in a while I have crisis of paranoia. If someone gives me the "wrong" vibes or is responsible for triggering it, they/them'll have a bad time and eventually end up on my "Ignore"/"Block" list too. Period.

I'm getting better, I promise! xd


Freebie by Lady mewcat
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Freebie avi art of my main avatar "Jester Guy". smile