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Where to Find Me:

Steam - My Steam Profile

GOG - My GOG Profile

dA - The Cheshire Guy's dA Page

FurAffinity - Goblinko The Bat's Page (My Fursona)

Chrono Forums - My Profile

Discord - Ask me

Patreon - My Patreon Page

Ko-Fi - My Ko-Fi Page

My Collection and Art of My Avatars

This is where I'll leave an inventory of some of my avatars.
I ran out of space for outfits, and therefore I'll post the "exceeding" ones there.

Credits to Mysterious Belonging for this great idea.

User Image

Below you can also see pictures of my avatars done by other people:

User Image

My Sig Art

Sigs you'll see included with my posts, all made with G.I.M.P. - GNU Image Manipulation Program:

Dimentio from "Paper Mario" games:
User Image

Xelor Mage from "Dofus/Wakfu" MMORPG (Xelor = "Rolex" backwards):
User Image

Gigasmon from "Digimon Frontier" - Two Versions:
User Image
User Image

Impmon from "Digimon Tamers" - Two Versions:
User Image
User Image

Rocket Raccoon from "Guardians of The Galaxy" - Two Versions:
User Image
User Image

Midna from "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" (vertical sig):
User Image

Jerry The Jester from "ChatSticker and Storeline.Me Stickershop" - Two Versions:
User Image
User Image

Don from "The Regular Show" - Two Versions:
User Image
User Image

Graffitti Art from the game "Fallout Equestria: Remains" - Three Versions:
User Image
User Image
User Image

Gigasmon from "Digimon Frontier" Revisited - Three Versions:
User Image
User Image
User Image

Cat Ninja from "Microsoft Insider":
User Image

Sunstone from "Steven Universe":
User Image

"Alien Hominid" from the game of same name:
User Image

Wilbur from "Bubble Witch 3 Saga":
User Image

Lexington from Disney's TV Show "Gargoyles":
User Image

Kitaro from "Gegege No Kitaro" Franchise:
User Image

All characters, franchises and fanart are copyrighted by their respective owners.
Images, textures and stock pictures were all put together for personal and non-commercial usage only.

Right of Reply

This is where I'll post messages regarding things which happened in my life and Gaia at a calm and level-headed pace.
This is just my way from liberate myself from past wrongdoings.

--- Right of Reply - DO NOT POST ---

All of those posts are my personal opinion and therefore you can disagree with them.
If you feel the urge to reply, do it in my profile instead.


мαlє | 30's | bi | รiиglє | 13 years of Gaia
User Image
Sig made with GIMP by TheJesterGuy. Render obtained from Amazon JP.
Gegege No Kitaro © Shigeru Mizuki / Toei Animation.

Check out my art sites here.

Support me and my art on Patreon or Ko-Fi.
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About the Jester

Hello, and welcome to my profile. It's been a while since the last time I've logged in here.
To be more exact, I joined Gaia in 2009 and went into hiatus up until 2010. It didn't help that I was too shy and my English was very poor at the time.

Since I registered in this site, maaany things have changed in my life, folks.
Now I consider myself less shy and my mind is now free from all my past zealotry as a fervorous fanatic Christian (10+ years from my life that I will never get back, sadly. Better later than never, they say).
However, I still have a lot of learn in this new journey which I'm in, which's no other than the "Journey of Life" we all end up walking into, an essential part of my eternal quest for knowledge and enlightment.

After my second hiatus back in 2013 due to the horrendous inflation, I've came back in May of 2017 to Gaia after I came to know about the news that Lanzer was back. Since then, I've been playing LK to catch up with the economy, and I hope that with the arrival of the Platinum currency, things start to turn to better and this become a journey toward restoring this website to its former glory.

Nowadays I don't play Lake Kindred anymore, relying on Gaia's own features to get plat/gold enough to buy the stuff I want. So far it's been working like a charm.

I was born in September 12, 1987.
My main hobbies are writing, play games, listen to music, watch videos, surf the web and go for a walk sometimes.
I'm always open to new friendships, so don't be shy (like I am, haha) to have some talk with me. I'll do my best to keep a nice conversation. heart
I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and my real house is located in a "favela"(slum) in Rio named "Juramento"(Oath in Brazilian Portuguese).

I'm also an enthusiastic of not only "furry" and anthropomorphic animals but also of non-human beings in general. You name it: aliens, demons, monsters(giant or not), elves, vampires, goblins, "were-" beings (werewolves, weretigers and stuff), etc. I'm a totally confessed "xenophilic" and I love alien/foreign/supernatural stuff a lot.


More Stuff about moi:

- Brown skinned IRL;
- Chubby;
- Bisexual;
- Atheist-Agnostic since 2011, with sympathy for Buddhism;
- Introvert but not an anti-social trash;
- Suffers from Schizotypal Personality Disorder;
- Mostly a quiet observer and only talkative sometimes;
- Deals with self-esteem/self-worth/self-image/anxiety issues and my solitary behavior like a seasoned soldier on almost a daily basis;
- Jerk with a Heart of Gold;
- Sincere;
- Helpful but not a "people pleaser";
- Confuses fantasy with reality on almost a daily basis;
- Hopeless Romantic;
- Literally a virgin, mostly due to former religious impositions;
- Furry, and has a flying fox bat fursona named Robert "Goblinko" Jones;
- Loves his online friends over his screwed up family;
- Rookie Writer;
- Is learning how to draw;
- Is on group therapy;
- Addicted to Lake Kindred;
- Addicted to technology too;
- And also for music.


As for contacts, just ask me them via PMs. wink

My avatars will always have their equipped list open unless it's a Runway winner. Why bother hiding everything if you're gonna figure them out sooner or later, right ? Besides, I like from the exposition, heh. wink

If you ever got blocked by me, that means you're not worth my time. Period.
Oh, and I'm getting better, I promise! xd

Also, just because I make lewd/sexy avatars doesn't give you the right to send creepy and lewd s**t on my inbox. If you're gonna act like an animal you'll be blocked and probably reported to Gaia admins. No exceptions!

Gold to Plat Conversion

User Image

Rants, updates, news and etc

View Journal

Ze Journal

Where I'll post some news every once in a while


Ze Jester Himself

TheJesterGuy's avatar

Last Login: 12/01/2022 11:38 am

Registered: 01/08/2009

Gender: Male

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Birthday: 09/12

Personal Website


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Flames Fuel Report | 10/10/2022 8:19 am
Thanks for the fave! heart
Gorondorf Report | 09/21/2022 5:57 am
I always hear my friend giving the show high praise. I might check it out later surprised I'm really picky though when it comes to anime lol
Gorondorf Report | 09/20/2022 12:23 am
That's awesome! I haven't watched My Hero Academia, is it any good? I heard the fandom is kinda cringe... sweatdrop
Gorondorf Report | 09/16/2022 11:35 am
Or through other people's galleries and the Runway! I always get so inspired when I look through the favorite collections of others User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Gorondorf Report | 09/14/2022 7:50 am
You have a lot of great avis! I'm amazed at how creative everyone is on gaia
The Honey Beige Report | 08/07/2022 3:20 pm
I don't, I stick to a Mon-Fri schedule even though I could totally work on the weekends. The work never stops if I do that though sweatdrop
The Honey Beige Report | 08/07/2022 1:55 pm
I do (':
Its been a long time coming wishing for more vacation days
The Honey Beige Report | 08/07/2022 1:40 pm
Thank you 4laugh
I will absolutely be taking more breaks more often in my next role.
The Honey Beige Report | 08/07/2022 1:29 pm
Thank you 4laugh
Yeah its definitely impacted how people view work but im very much over it in this industry I worked so hard to break into.
The Honey Beige Report | 08/07/2022 1:13 pm
Oh I'd love a good vibration if you know what I mean redface
I am currently a Coordinator for a music conservatory's "Student Life" department aka the people that put on big events all year (Orientation, Graduation)
There has been a lot of turnover & I was taking on 3 positions all at once for 6 months sweatdrop

Art of my Avatars

Freebie avi art by Lady Mewcat

User Image
A freebie she did of my main avatar, "The Jester Guy".

Avi Art by Visforviolet / L-F @ deviantART

User Image
An avi art she did of my sexy avatar "Lilium, the effeminated mouse assassin".

Freebie avi art by Avitar_Hinata / Avitar-Hinata @ deviantart

User Image
Another avi art of my main avatar, 'The Jester Guy'.

Freebie avi art by Sand Dancer Shaka

User Image
An avi art of my deer boy, Don Deer.
Original post here -

Freebie avi art by Sodacune

User Image
Some more good avi art of my main avatar, The Jester Guy.

Freebie avi art by AeSnel

User Image
Some more good avi art of my main avatar, The Jester Guy.

Avi Art by Katurn

User Image
Avi Art of one of my avatars, Dalvan the Demon, which was a creating inspired on Ark-Alpha's art.