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Originally known as:

Cioccolato Cuore

Hiya! My name is Ellis!

I'm female.
Caribbean. (St. Croix)
I like to draw, read, and box (boxing).

Main goal here so far is- I have no idea now.
Coming back here with an interest.
Will continue to get my art stuff for others here done. Nuff said.

I created all art and pixel art in this profile.
Heads up to customers:
I'm a very slow artist due to work, so chill and be patient

Art Status: Open! (Come on in~*)


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amorremanet Report | 02/26/2022 12:45 pm
Love your avi! heart
Moose Bubbles Report | 04/06/2021 1:57 am
heart xp Heeeeehehehehee
Moose Bubbles Report | 03/19/2021 9:39 pm

hi xD
minidudette Report | 02/04/2021 7:24 am
hi just wanted to comment how much i love your avi heart
iiSaiyu Report | 02/02/2021 3:01 am
heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
cowhai Report | 01/14/2021 7:17 pm
aaaaaaaaaaaaa would u like me to pm you my comm requests? or just comment ? thank u chewie for even considering my requests forrreal ;v ;
cowhai Report | 01/14/2021 5:28 am
SKSDFDLFD IM SO SO SORRY CHEWIE FOR THE LATE RESPONSE i hope your holidays treated u well ; 7;
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa YOU CAN STILL DO NOMNOM? are u by any chance open for gaia comms specifically for the nomsnoms? i would love to order art from u cus your art blows me away ; v;
Moose Bubbles Report | 12/06/2020 9:01 pm
cowhai Report | 11/21/2020 12:37 am
i am glad i was able to find u! idk how i did it tbh *sWEATS yessssssssss i also miss tm a lot ; v; my ocs still originate from tm so it has truly become a part of my memory as well as internet identity!
i hope you are well! n maybe making gaiagold/plat or even RLC with ur amazing art!

also, do u have any art socials where u post ur art now? id love to follow any if you do have any as well as credit this comm to the appropriate destination!
cowhai Report | 11/19/2020 7:28 pm
ajdska im not sure if i am mistaking you for someone, but are u Cuppiekeki from tm? who use to do the nomnom for selfies? cus i think i have a commission back from u during tm right here!

its still one of my most prized possessions, but if it is not u, pls disregard my comment my sincerest apologies ; 7; <3


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