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Einjelato Report | 05/16/2024 12:01 am
Ohh I love pixel! I need to see some of what you're working on haha
Einjelato Report | 05/14/2024 11:14 pm
Ohh are you planning on making video games with it or is this like a personal project? biggrin
Kusanagi Kashimoto Report | 05/06/2024 11:49 pm
Hahaha alright! I'll be waitin then! A big reason to stay here ahaha heart
Kusanagi Kashimoto Report | 05/06/2024 6:17 pm
Ahaha of course I did wink
Maybe it's time for a re-draw after a decade? :3
Kusanagi Kashimoto Report | 05/06/2024 10:49 am
Yessss! It's on my desktop and discord ahahah
nekokyut Report | 05/03/2024 8:12 pm
thank youuuu whee
Kusanagi Kashimoto Report | 05/02/2024 10:52 pm
Hi ZoZuu!
Einjelato Report | 03/07/2024 1:46 pm
No worries! Been good, life keeping me busy haha. How about you?
Einjelato Report | 02/24/2024 6:55 pm
Hello 👋
Chewie -x- Dew Report | 01/05/2018 10:21 am
Agreed! XD
Loving your avi as well! Total diva
~ emotion_bigheart


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