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Come closer my dear, past the smoke & mirrors. I'll give you a sweet taste of a false sense of security before I swallow your heart whole.

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How I feel

About me.

"Quoth The Raven." "Nevermore."

"Hell is Empty, and All The Devils Are Here."

It's pretty safe to say, that my mind has left the building.

~IDFK... Me~

Pansexual Demisexual; Married. Kitten; collared, spoiled and loved.
25; Atheist; Music Addict; Hate People; Love to Swear.
Have No Filter; Have Zero Chill; Minimalistic Patience with most people.
Love Roleplaying, not Pixel f*cking.
I change my hair color whenever I f*cking feel like it. (Currently Purplish-Pink.)

I speak my mind; f*cking deal with it.
If you were wondering, yes I have mental health illnesses.
I refuse to try to hide it like I should be ashamed.
There is nothing I could ever hope to do to change it,
and I refuse to let anyone try to embarrass me about something
that I was born with.
There is too much of a stigma attached to something that is already
hard enough to deal internally without any extra from the outside world adding to it.

If you're lucky enough to get to know me, you know who I am when I actually open up.

Tendency to be flirty, doesn't mean I want you, and unless I say I have genuine interest as such, I don't. heart

What I Think of Your Opinions & if You Do Not Like Me.


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