Dear you,

Whoever she was to you, it is gone now. I don't know why she chose this, but I am sure there was a great reason. I am not her, I What that means exactly I will have to learn over time. If her forgetting hurt you, know that she is sorry. She is sorry for me too. In my note to new me, she said

"Living is hard work, joy and pain don't always cancel each other out. And a life time of good deeds never wipe away a bad one."

She said other things, but they are for my eyes only. As unfeeling as this may sound, I know I am not obligated to talk, befriend or love who she once loved. I get to make my own life. Still, my name is Eden Asher, and that's something to be proud of.


you tempestuous wind, and all you watery deeps,
you fire and hail, snow and thick smoke,
you mountains, and all you hills,
you fruit trees and cedars,creeping things and winged bird,
you sea monsters and all you wild animals,
you young men, and also you maidens,
you old men together with women.
you judges, and all you national groups,
you Kings and all you princes of the earth,
to all things above earth and heaven,
will I not forget.