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I think the best way to know me is to chat with me!
I would love to chat with you~
I prefer chatting in threads or in comments more than PMs because i dont want my inbox full and delete old messages whee
People are uniquely different from each other.. but lets find what connects us heart


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Dampyr Boy Django Report | 12/31/2023 3:50 am
Dampyr Boy Django
Thank you for buying from my store heart
lady silver45 Report | 09/21/2023 11:24 pm
lady silver45
thank you for buying outfit
lady silver45 Report | 09/17/2023 9:58 pm
lady silver45
thank you for buying an outfit hope you enjoy it heart
Sairanie Report | 03/03/2022 12:50 pm
Thank you for your purchase, enjoy! heart
Valora Valentine Report | 02/26/2022 6:20 pm
Valora Valentine
Ah, you must be Angel from the Intelli-thread who gave me a gift. It's been many years back, I hope life's going well for you! (^w^)

I'm just visiting Gaia this once today to visit old friends before going offline for a very long time again. I don't come here any more as I am now moving on in life. whee
Tenshimaru ArchLight Report | 01/21/2021 10:47 am
Tenshimaru ArchLight
Paleo Cookies Report | 06/14/2020 2:42 pm
Paleo Cookies
Hi safe at home
MRNerds V2 Report | 05/29/2020 12:02 am
MRNerds V2
salamat sa pag bili ganda heart
xNikko Report | 05/27/2020 1:40 pm
kamusta? remember me and my gf xleyaaa from asu giveaway last 2017? haha
Shadow Belmonte Report | 04/22/2020 5:21 am
Shadow Belmonte
So-so, I guess.
I was furloughed (not fired) over a month ago from my job when it hit, and the city buses closed down, so I've been at home 24/7.
Luckily, still getting paid!
Doesn't bother me none to be at home all the time though, been watching anime, playing video games, getting online.
Anime: Why did I stop watching it for years? There's so much I haven't seen before gonk
Video games: Haven't played them in over ten years, but I'm glad to revisit them. XD

How about yourself?

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