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NOW! ON to the real about me!

When it comes to gold and items, I am a bit of a hoarder, especially for good items, and especially if there given to me. I like to save up gold for expensive items, but I often end up spending everything I saved up by buying items for friends that they want, or even random people on occasion. I like to wander and post in charity threads often, but rarely ever do I ask for anything, even when asked what I want. I don't turn anything away, but nor am I a beggar about the things I want. I always take gifts and donations, no matter what they are, sometimes I keep it, sometimes I donate it, sometimes I give it away or sell it for something else or buy art on occasion. I like to buy and donate things the most. I do not donate to people who beg to me though for things... haggling for items for sale is different, but begging for items is a big no for me. I give to who I want or find worthy of the items, simple as that.

Links for art I'm looking for:

The three forms of Zale
OC Eagle demon
Amun's second form
Male burlesque twins
Dragon form of Rune
Any of these chars
*Note: Please PM me to discuss prices before you start on art. Also if a pic is missing from profile, then PM me as well, I'm constantly organizing my Photobucket

I put this stuff here because as I said I'm not a beggar, and rarely put things I want in my sig unless I really really want that item.

What up all, my name is Samantha, but call me Sam Damn it. XD
I like manga, yaoi and other anime, I have a love of animals and RP almost constantly. I listen to music almost constantly and love to hang out and dance. I am a 21 year old female in RL, but I am not very girly in most aspects, though I am very sensitive to movies for some reason sweatdrop

My two favorite animes are Kuroshitsuji and Wolf's rain. I also like Death Note, loveless and other such stuff. I own a good amount of manga and at least $1000 in wolverine comic books. If don't already know, my fav superhero is Wolverine. He is an epic man. And I mean the original 5'2" harry wolverine... though movie wolverine is pretty cool too... and hot XD.

I love to RP and do it almost all the time. It is very rare where I am not online for less than a day and I try to warn if I am leaving for more than a day. I love going to theaters and I like seeing musicals... some of them anyways. I love Sweeny Todd: demon barber of fleet street, Repo man: the genetic opera, Burlesque was a great movie as well ^^. But in the end I watch all kinds of movies, good or back. My fav movie would probably be Dragonheart. I hated the second one though; they just ruined it with the second one. Avatar is a close second though. But I don't count trilogy’s. My fav trilogy would be the matrix... Keanu Reeves in leather.... nothing better than that. I love it. I know a good chunk of the last fight in revolutions off by heart. *shifty eyes*

Now for a new topic, video games XD. I love them, but unfortunately, I am not all that good at them and have a short attention span. I LOVE the Devil May Cry series, except the second one of course, that was just.... a huge steaming pile of crap in my opinion and couldn't get past an hour of it. They just ruined Dante's personality in that one, despite making him hotter... which they really didn't need to, he has more than enough appeal without the added graphics. I also like the games Drakenguard 1&2. It's kind of a button masher thing, but I like the story to it and does pretty well. I bought final fantasy 7 but have not got very far in it since I'm bust Rping most of the time. I am also working on FF 10 and 12... Though ten kind of lost my interest because it's been a while since I went back to it and I was stuck on something and never really went back. I played way of the samurai 2 and wasn't too impressed and got bored the first time through it which only took a couple hours. I love the resident evil series and do a pretty good Wesker in RP's. I have only ever played 4 and 5 though I bought 2 and three as well as code veronica. But like most of my games I haven't played those ones yet.

My fave T.V. Series is, without a doubt the show Supernatural. I love it with a burning fiery passion. I own every season so far and can't wait for the newest season to come out so that I can get it. I used to watch Smallville but I missed too many episodes of it and never got back into it. I also love Angel and Buffy the vampire slayer. I also own a few additional Angel comics, seeing as they continued it in a comic once the series ended. Yes, LA did end up in hell, and Angel became human, and thus pretty much useless in helping to try and get LA out of hell, though I have not yet read all of them.

When it comes to Kuroshitsuji, I have NOT read the manga, but I have watched the anime sevral times over and love it. My fav character is Aloise Trancy, though I dislike Claude by... alot. I used to Hate Grell for no real apparent reason, but he too is now one of my fave characters. And for wolf's rain, my fav character is Tsume. I love his charachter and I find that though all of the characters have depth and such, Tsume has more than the others cept maybe Kiba for the purpose of him not really telling too much about him. He knows what is to have a pack, and be the weak one and the strong one as well. I just love the depth the character has and in a way I think we are kind of alike at certain points. He's just a good character. Though that is kind of why I like Aloise as well. I just like characters with depth, though what I see and what others see could be something completely different.

I am aspiring to be an author one day and love to write. I would love nothing more than to make books and RP for my life. I have been told that I am pretty good when it comes to writing so I hope I can make it. I like to cook and went to school for it, though I failed a few classes and never really back as of yet. I still don't know if I will go back or not, but I did enjoy the experience and some of the people I met along the way.

I also love nature shows and documentaries and all kinds of 'real tv' shows. Did you know that Octopus, squid and cuttlefish have three hearts? It's true, I learned that from a documentary 3nodding . As well I like the show man vs. food. My aunt and uncle showed it to me and I love it! The things he eats and packs away is simply amazing... sometimes it's gross, but still good. I also recently got into the show operation repo, which is just a bunch of people going around repossessing cars. It can get interesting sometimes.

The first anime other then sailor moon that I ever got into was, of course, Inuyasha. I still love the show, and I started to catch up to it recently until I remembered why I stopped watching it in the first place... Kagome. I can't stand her screaming and complaining and strait up bitching. I just want to slap her in the mouth and tell her to get lost. But do love Sesshomaru and I do really when it comes to RPing him as well and am always willing to do so. But aside from her I do still love the show.

I got my username from a show called, well, Cybersix. It was about an evil experiment that turned good and now she is trying to stop the evil of her creator and his son. Her brother was Dataseven was placed into the body of a panther and he soon began to fight with her as well. During the day she is a male English teacher, but at night she is a kick a** leather clad superhero XD. I loved the show, and it only had about thirteen episodes too, which sucked. I wish there was more but beggars can't be choosers I guess. But it was still really good all in all. There was a science teacher that she was love with named Lucas and she got his help for things as well and then there was a little homeless boy that helped all the time too. It was a really kick a** show.

I had a dog up until Last December. I had to put her down December 6th 2010 and I still miss her every day. She used to bug me all the time to go for walks and walked her at least three times a day, and if I didn't do that she would ignore me the rest of the day. She was a good girl. She was a black lab border collie mix and though she was stupid, I loved her anyways. Here is a pic of her: User Image

I am now trying to convince her to let me get another pet. I have never before been without one and it is driving me nuts. I tried a another dog, no. A cat, no. A snake, no. A bird, no. A rat... can you guess what she said? If you said no then you are right. But I'll keep trying.

If you haven't noticed, I like to ramble on about things, but I guess that's just what makes me me. I'll probably add and get rid of stuff as time goes on, but for now enjoy what I have. I am always willing to RP with you and though I play both roles, I normally play males and I love yaoi RP's. But in the end I'll do whatever you want I guess. I am not that into the sci-fi genre, but I have seen a few good ones out there, so if you give me a good plot, then you can always change my mind. If you are unsure about something then simply ask me. The worst thing I can do is say no.

I got another dog! Her name is Koda, and she's 8 years old. She's an old lady already, I know, but I saw her on Kajiji while looking over dogs I might be interested in getting, and where there were so many other prospects, younger and in the end better, I loved her and went for her instead. She's a black lab/Newfoundland mix and I love her to bits! She's a very good dog, though she doesn't go on walks very well.

She doesn't like other dogs and has even attacked a St.Bernard that got out of the house and came to say hi to her. She kicked it's a** and it ended up with a deep gash over it's eye cause she wouldn't let go. I felt so bad for the poor thing, but thankfully the owner wasn't upset about it and forgave me. She adores other people though and doesn't seem to mind cat's all that much. I love her to death ^^

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Thanks for buying! 4laugh
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Lady Charlotte Elbourne
I adore your avatar... Very distinguished!
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Thanks for buying!
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Hey cyber! long time no see! how are you doing?
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Thank You for the purchased.
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Max1 Effort
Your username = LOVE

I grew up watching Cybersix.
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super inconvenient
thank you for purchasing heart
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Kensou Ryo
Thanks for buying! Have a great day!
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Jen Nguyen
Thank you for buying! 3nodding
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Necro Regulus
Thank you for shopping at my store, it's much appreciated.


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