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Registered: 03/28/2003

Gender: Female

Birthday: 05/05

Hi! I'm Ambu, I've been on Gaia since March, 2003 and have enjoyed being a regular in many different areas of the site over the years. I have been a mod in some capacity since 2005 and have enjoyed it immensely and found it very rewarding.

My name is a nickname based on my real name and has no connection to Naruto. I have never seen the anime, nor do I watch anime in general. My name is an unfortunate coincidence. I am sometimes a ninja though, also an unfortunate coincidence.

Art by Spindlen

I am currently an Omni Moderator, but please do not post Moderator questions on my profile. If you are needing to file a report please use the proper report channels. If you have a question please feel free to PM me.


NOBODY will ever ask you for your password. Staff do not ever need your password for any reason.

If you are viewing a page and it's asking you for your password, make sure it says ONLY and nothing else.

If it's too good to be true, it is not real.


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Desna Report | 03/29/2018 1:16 pm
Happy Gaia-versary!
Miori Report | 03/26/2018 7:18 am
thank you > u <///
Desna Report | 03/12/2018 7:38 pm
I was going for a witchy look when I made this avatar. I didn't even think about my kin. XD
Aeony Report | 02/17/2018 3:55 pm
Ambu! heart

I am okay. Goes up and down a lot. I was gone for a long, long time. It was crazy coming back to all the changes and all the things that still ring true.
This place somehow hasn't stopped feeling like home - and that's pretty impressive. whee

I hope you have been well? It's so great to see you stuck around. 4laugh
Valenas Report | 01/18/2018 7:30 am
Desna Report | 09/11/2017 1:04 pm
Congrats on your quartz stub bangs! Very cute! heart
Desna Report | 07/25/2017 9:20 pm
If I had a Forest After Dusk I'd sell it to you. Hope you find one.

... also, I nearly submitted this with "Forest After Ducks". I don't have that item either. XD
Serael Report | 06/24/2017 3:47 pm
Logged on to see if any of my old friends were still active. Hope you're doing well! biggrin
Darien S. Report | 05/31/2017 4:06 pm
Darien S.
Blame Teases, he made it lol
Desna Report | 04/02/2017 2:48 am
I've tried pineapple and ham pizza. Twice (because I was told I had to because it wasn't good pineapple pizza the first time). I did not like either at all. But have you never had fried pickles? Straight out of the fryer? Mmmm~ I always get that if I see it in a bar or restaurant. But yeah, hot pickles aren't good. Tasty, but a good way to burn your tongue. XD I let any hot pickle (on a pizza or not) cool off a bit. Or just put the pickles on after the pizza bakes. The latter is usually my preferred method (since I like chilled pickles best). But I still think it tastes fine baked. So I could eat it either way. Of course, I imagine the taste of the pickle on the pizza depends on the type/brand of pickle and other ingredients you use.