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Birthday: 01/05


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Capricorn ✧ She/her

Hello! I'm Freya, an OG Gaian ('05)
I'm a freelance illustrator & video game junkie
View some of my art in my gallery below!

I like to tip, gift, and anon a lot!
I am currently a Forum Assistant
I work at my local gamestop for funsies ~
Gaia is bad for my adhd, but I love it!

✧ Quick FAQ ✧

Is your name a reference to something?
It is not! Freya is my name in real life. I do enjoy lots of the different Freyas in media, though!

Can you draw my avi/oc?
I have rlc commissions open from time to time! I do not accept direct requests for free art. I do sometimes host freebie threads and rare free art events outside of Gaia (mostly for holidays when my time allows)! Gold/Plat comms are rare, but I do open up shop on occassion!

Can I ask you for art advice?
Of course you can! I spend a lot of my time on Gaia around the Artist's Corner for this purpose. One of my favorite things to do is support other artists of all skill levels, and to learn from other artists too!

Can I add you on Gaia/Discord?
I prefer Gaia unless we have spoken a few times, but yes! I do not accept random friend requests here or elsewhere unless we've spoken before. I generally keep my Discord business/very close friends only.

Can I draw your avis/ocs?

favorite games

✧ skyrim
✧ dragon age
✧ baldur's gate
✧ persona series
✧ elden ring, soulsborne
✧ assassin's creed series
✧ final fantasy series / ffxiv
✧ nier: automata
✧ god of war

favorite anime

✧ frieren
✧ fairy tail
✧ jujutsu kaisen
✧ chainsaw man
✧ mob psycho 100
✧ full metal alchemist
✧ assassination classroom
✧ my hero academia
✧ naruto

Feel free to add me on psn/steam!
Just pm me ( ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡
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Faerie Report | 05/30/2024 9:33 pm
Awh I know that feeling all too well, life has been terribly busy at my end too.
Just today I had to call out from work because the water heater broke and I had to go buy a new one and ask a plumber to install it.
It was the most expensive thing I’ve had to replace in a long while….1,200$ gonk

How’s the art shop coming along? And work? What’s new with you?
Faerie Report | 05/29/2024 4:58 pm
Hi dear it’s been a long while.
I hope you’re doing well heart
OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Report | 04/17/2024 1:05 pm
I'm glad you're still finding a little of time in between all the other things you have going on at least - I always get super pent up and frustrated when I can't sit down and draw for a long while ugh lol

I'm good - Been arting too, maybe looking into writing an article for some lgbt charity help organization here if I can figure out what to write about. I want to volunteer with them, but I'm not a fan of field work and going around doing big events. You started a new job or something recently if I recall - How is it going? User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Report | 04/14/2024 12:18 am
emotion_kirakira You've been sharing such nice art on kofi recently heart
sarahcat18 Report | 02/17/2024 3:58 am
Lovely art!
Grievous Miracle Report | 02/09/2024 7:07 am
Grievous Miracle
Your art is absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous rendering, wow!
Pastel Toffee Report | 01/19/2024 5:55 pm
Pastel Toffee
freya !! i miss u bb girl emotion_bigheart i dont wanna bother u too too much but id still really like to add u on discord !

ive been contemplatin on openin comms and id lovee ur advice emotion_kirakira ur just so smart about art things fr fr

i hope u doin well tho 1!! emotion_bigheart
Cup Of Anxiety Report | 01/16/2024 11:02 am
Cup Of Anxiety
Awh thanks doll heart
d i g i b a b Report | 01/13/2024 9:26 am
d i g i b a b
happy birthday!!! (possibly belated but it's ok hehe)
aura Report | 01/06/2024 11:37 am
Happy (belated) birthday! yum_cupcake