Currently on hiatus, busy irl.

I'm a Global Moderator for Gaia Online meaning I spend a lot my time on Gaia cleaning up all sorts of violations across the site from forums, guilds/clans, flash spaces and everywhere in between to help keep your experience on the site as awesome as possible. If you have any questions that are modding related, it would be best to PM me to discuss it privately rather than leaving comments on my profile as they'll likely go unanswered there. If you have questions about features on Gaia or the site in general, you may want to consider asking in the Site Questions & Assistance forum as there are plenty of knowledgeable users that love to help out when they're around.

Some useful links that might interest you if you've been hacked, scammed, or are being harassed:

[Report A Hacking] [Report A Scamming] [Report Abuse/Harassment]

Interested in being a moderator for Gaia? Check this out: Moderator Application FAQ
I love avatar art. So if you're in a generous mood and want to draw me, I'd be thankful.
My album of art I've received over the years can be found here: Art Album
If anyone is looking to do any surprise art and wondering what to draw, here's some of my avatars I've uploaded: Avatars to draw
By popular demand for some reason, I've finally added a wishlist.