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Greetings everyone! About me; I am Altermax7. I came back on Gaiaonline because of COVID-19 being quarantined at home. I don't like it. I would have been where I should be in Honolulu, Hawaii meeting my girlfriend than being virtual. I have the most Gaiaonline experience since 2005 late middle to early on high school of my days. I used to owned my first account, LelouchviBritannia_Zero2 but that got hacked and erased. Then I used to have Sunbeam007 but I deactivated that account around 2015. So I am hoping to recover back both of them. I remembered back when classic Town existed where I be collecting bugs, flowers, and paper garbages. zOMG where there were players looming around the farming areas to hanging out at Papa Saw Mill, then there was Monster Galaxy to the 2009 Halloween SIN vs BOO event. Even gold wasn't inflated nor was platinum existed. I known a lot about Gaiaonline. mrgreen

I love anime, mostly Sword Art Online as my number one fandom! I write fanfiction stories and be taking naps. I am above the age of 21 years. I don't mind making friends and hoping to get along well. smile

I played several MMORPGs from Mabinogi, Aura Kingdom, Onigiri; to playing PS4 videogame such as Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization to Fatal Bullet. zOMG!

I am highly into 18+ erotic fetish-kinks, open-minded for roleplay foreplay. I am into bare feet foot fetish, playing footsie to foot worshiping; I enjoy skinny-dipping whereby feeling free of clothes; I love to play in the mud, getting deep muddy. I support lewd & naughtiness! It mutually should connect people together in such sense. Better than bloodshed and violence. I am being honest not hiding anything, but as it is the internet I keep it here on gaiaonline or discord. I am a naturist-naturalist barefooter if there ain't no laws about it. I admire lewd sexy avatars. In real life I am taken, I don't anybody to actually be in love with me outside as we never going to meet-up! What I state and do stays here on the internet! Typical Gaiaonline pervert freak that finds fun in erotic rping. I am sorry and understandable if you don't like it or triggered, offended, uncomfortable about it. Don't give a rat's damn a** if you ignore, blacklist me, etc. But I am very friendly & honorable. emotion_hug

My Discord: General Sunbeam#4565
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AnzuGurl Report | 11/16/2020 2:08 pm
gaia_moon gaia_bunny Happy Birthday! gaia_bunny gaia_moon
ALBIREO THE SODA POP Report | 08/31/2020 8:19 am
Welcome back to gaiaonline. Hope you have fun during the pandemic. That's why a lot of us came back. mrgreen

「Speed of Light」DJ OKAWARI feat. 二宮愛

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Used to own both these former gaia avatar accounts....

I am who I am. I love erotic sext roleplay and flirting only online. Better than violence and all the bad news going on