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Throw Your Monies At Me

I don't sell stuff regularly, so there might be extended periods of time where there won't be anything here. Still, it's worth a look.

I'm open to PM offers for both gold/plat and items. Could also work for art or other crafts, ask me first.

Won't comment to thank you for the purchase. I find it awkward, I'm sure you think the same.

Also, check out my joint mock shop. Help me fund my ridiculous quests.


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Hi, I'm Hospitalier. The username I wanted was taken so this is the second best.

I'm a 25-years-old law+translation student and English teacher from Argentina. I'm a little timid and awkward but I really like meeting new people and discussing common interests, so random comments, PMs and friend requests are always a welcome surprise!

I have a bunch of interests that you can see on the tags at the left, but don't feel restricted to those when talking to me! I'm sure we can find something we both enjoy.
I also like all things plot- and NPC-related so you're more than welcome to come to my inbox to talk about your favorite NPCs!

As a last detail, English isn't my first language, Spanish is, so you're encouraged to tell me when I'm misusing a word or term. It helps me learn.

My Discord tag is Hospitalier#1620, come say hi!

Yellin' Case

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rxmeo_doll Report | 07/25/2020 5:53 pm
heart heart heart
rxmeo_doll Report | 06/19/2020 2:40 pm
eyes emoji
rxmeo_doll Report | 06/02/2020 7:16 pm
stalking >>
Calofisteri Report | 04/20/2020 8:04 pm
I've been good working non stop I only really play with avatar builder now lol. How've you been?
Calofisteri Report | 04/20/2020 8:00 pm
Hullo smile
Starlet Of Noir Report | 02/25/2020 8:33 am
Starlet Of Noir
Sorry for the late reply!. I've been caught up with work and the fam. I sent you a pm.
And yes I will really appreciate you if teach me how to speak Spanish fluenlty! heart
Starlet Of Noir Report | 02/19/2020 1:03 pm
Starlet Of Noir
Si pero no tan perfecto como el tuyo! 3nodding
Mi papas so de Central America 4laugh
Starlet Of Noir Report | 02/19/2020 9:34 am
Starlet Of Noir
Thank you! 4laugh
Your avatar stands out for Valentines the whole concept it's great.
Eres Argentino that's cool!. 3nodding
Starlet Of Noir Report | 02/19/2020 9:14 am
Starlet Of Noir
Cute avatar. 💙
Inuyoujo Report | 02/09/2020 11:14 am
You(r avatar is) are a gentle soul. gaia_star

With Love, Me

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Check my Winterberry, Decay and Goshiki guides too!


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