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I've rediscovered Gaia again after like... a decade?

Hey there! I'm Moss, or BunnyMoss!
26 | F | USA | Married

I'm a professional actress on cast at two renaissance festivals in Northeastern USA. I work for a software company full time, and somehow manage to run an Etsy shop in what little free time I have! I'm an author too, you can check out my work on AO3 (I almost exclusively write Far Cry 4, but hey, I hold the current record for longest FC4 fanfiction published to date, I'll take that)

I have three cats, a pup, and recently just lost my lovely lil' bun Willow. I celebrate my wedding anniversary on Halloween, haven't even been married a year yet!

Tons of tattoos and constantly adding more. I'm a leviathan of a human being, and my husband is even taller than I am, but I feel like I identify as smol in my heart. I'm a soft squishy teddy bear, despite my size.

I'm pro-LGBTQ (pan and poly, myself, despite being in a monogamous marriage), and actively speak out against discrimination of any kind.

That's about all there is to know about me, I suppose. Please feel free to add me, chat me up, whatever you like! Glad to be back!


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ChevelleRose Report | 09/16/2021 10:01 am
Do ren fairs do anything in particular for Halloween/Samhain?
ChevelleRose Report | 09/13/2021 7:18 pm
No worries and it's pretty cool being able to celebrate your wedding anniversary in October! 3nodding
Honestly idk which pin to wear first but I might go with the cupcake one. ^^
Or maybe the marshmallows? Mainly because I look like a human marshmallow. lol

As for Halloween plans: cooking, decorating a bit, movie marathon, maybe drawing something, sometimes I dress up but not full costume(I have a cool cat mask that's kinda like a velvety bedazzled masquerade-type mask in black and silver), supernatural marathon, I made a Halloween playlist with all kinds of stuff a few years ago and I continuously add to it all year, hang out with my pets(I have a black cat btw ^^), and mainly hangout on gaia(halloween event and making avies for the runway or arena). Oh and I'll most likely be sending some stuff to my niece and nephews. Idk what yet but I have a few ideas. Oh and sometimes I get on tumblr and like/share posts(it's actually linked on my profile). The last time I was on was actually last Halloween so there's a bunch of cool posts to see. One time I made some Halloween themed treats based off of what I found online: mini mummy hotdogs, Frankenstein rice crispie treats, oranges punpkins, cheesestick witch brooms, dracula apple slice mouths with marshmellows, mini oranges pumpkins, sugar cookies(Pillsbury), muddy buddies(green), and peanutbutter cups cupcakes. I also usually order pizza. heart

Due to covid though I can't hand out candy or have the kids come over so whatever I end up making will be brought to them if they don't drive over.

Sidenote: what movies/shows do you like?
ChevelleRose Report | 09/13/2021 7:32 am
Are you excited for Halloween?! emotion_kirakira emotion_ghost
I can't believe there's only like 17+days left!
Side note: I consider the whole month of October Halloween. lol
A few years ago I was so excited that I mentally skipped a whole month in my exaustion and was all 'omfg October is tomorrow!!! biggrin '
And was typing up a whole post on fb till I woke up a bit and realized September started the next day. crying
Also I can finally wear my new Halloween pins I showed you. ^^
What do you like to do in October/Halloween?
ChevelleRose Report | 09/07/2021 8:17 pm
Love your avie btw! heart
It looks like something I'd make with the strawberry blond hair and all the green. emotion_kirakira
As for a reply to you 8/20 comment: I'm glad you had people looking out for you when y'all were sick.
And it was very kind of that person to help y'all out during christmas time. 3nodding
I've never heard of stink bugs being brought in to take care of a pest problem before...
What were they supposed to do?
ChevelleRose Report | 09/07/2021 7:21 pm
Yeah it's so weird because I kept seeing them in the arena and I thought it was you because of the avie's style. lol

As for my weekend I pretty much did the usual stuff.
I've started spending more time in the auctions(gaia) but people either out bid me with outrageous amounts of gold or I fall asleep halfway through waiting for the bids to end. crying lol But seriously though theres this one person that keeps buying all the stuff I want and it's very annoying. stare Like leave some stuff for everyone else ya know? And as it turns out it's someone I'm a fan of in the arena and just realized it like a week or so ago.

Sidenote: omfg I can't believe I almost forgot this!
Ok so like last week I was making my nightly ramen noodles and I had the microwave/container flat as I was stirring it and out of no where the boiling hot water jumps out and burns a spot on my chest. I didn't think it was that bad and kept a cold plate on it because I was too lazy to get ice after sitting down and it was fine after a while. But when I woke up the next day it looked like a smeared a streak of redish pink paint and it was raised. I told my mother about it and she told me to put aloe. Biggest mistake that week cuz it literally burned a whole in my burn mark. crying It's gotten better now though after using neosporin and then bactracin(I think that's what it's called). Also throughout all of this I didn't eat another bowl of ramen. Which is kinda a big thing considering how much I love it. Like towards nightime I'd remember that I want to make some but another part of me was a bit scared to because of what happened. And yes I was wearing clothes so idk how I got burned so badly..

Kinda reminds me of the time I tried the really spicy chicken ramen and it burned my tongue and nose. And when I watched a video of the gaia staff eating some for a challenge it's like my nose and tongue remembered instantly because they both started burning like I was eating some that moment. But aside from that they were oddly delicious and I made some ramen yesterday(while also keeping it at arms length lol).
C h i k a r i B e a n Report | 09/05/2021 11:53 pm
You're so welcome!
I feel that~

Oh, cool!
I hope it's going well. emotion_bigheart
Honestly, just relaxing.
I miss seeing folks rn, but I've gone out fairly often these past few weeks, so I'm enjoying relaxing and taking care of things around the house.

It's worth checking out!
There are some issues w/ inactive accounts, but the indie creators are pretty great.
I agree!
ChevelleRose Report | 09/03/2021 4:33 pm
Congrats on selling another dice bag!
The turquoise kimono bag was actually my fave and I'm glad someone bought it that will appreciate it. 3nodding

Sorry about not replying to any old comments yet... sweatdrop
I will definitely try doing that either today or tomorrow.
ChevelleRose Report | 08/23/2021 3:56 pm
Your current avie is so cute! emotion_kirakira heart
It looks like one I would make with the orange hair and green clothes. 3nodding
I'll reply to your comment in a bit.
Btw I thought you had entered the arena this week but it was someone else with a slightly bunny themed look. Their name even starts with an 'A'.
C h i k a r i B e a n Report | 08/23/2021 2:59 pm
Thanks, I appreciate it!
I hope that's going well for you, too. 3nodding

You're so welcome!

Dude, yeah.
I found some indie designers on Poshmark who sold me some of the coolest jewelry I own. emotion_kirakira
I also got a pretty pin good haul on etsy last year.
Like yourself, there are some mad talented people out here! whee
C h i k a r i B e a n Report | 08/21/2021 1:31 pm
For real.
I just made a new weekly/weekend schedule to have some structure.

I think you'll like it!
It's cute and funny, but also tackles real issues pertaining to young adulthood, personal goals, career, romance, etc.
Some later eps deal with crime and stalking, just a heads up.
Right on!
This may be a good transition into that lol.

You're so welcome. emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
I have to watch my wallet, but I love to support indie creators/designers when I can.

Good to know!
OOAKs make it special. I don't mind that each one is a little different, I just like getting a chance to buy one of the set. 3nodding

And I hope so!
You've crushed it. whee


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