Hi everyone!
It'd been a bit of a while since the last journal entry, but alas! Here I am! Witness meeeee~

It's the start of a new season, new semester and new Tofu! Same bad jokes though... Don't you go and Fall for me. Just leaf me alone.
But jokes and myself aside, how are you doing? Like really, how are things?
If you're doing great, I'm glad to hear that! Spread some joy, eat nice snacks, enjoy life!
If you're just doing ehh and could really care less, I hope you have a wonderful encounter to lightens up your day. Bring a smile to that face!
If you really could be doing better, I sincerely hope you do feel better. I'm not sure if you'd want to talk about it, but I am open to lending an ear! If not, just know that I wish you the best!

Get some more sleep, eat well and take care of yourself!
For you should know that you are oh so loved and so, so precious.

Buh bye~