Again, it's been a while since I last posted a journal entry. Sorry to all the peeps that wanted to read something from me T.T
The past few weeks have been slowly getting more and more busy for me. New semester started, I started talking to a lot more peeps...Meetings happening and lots of things eating my time. Not that I mind much of it. I like being able to dedicate my time to people, since it's a way to show I care! Although I'm sorry that I've been getting busier as of late and haven't been able to talk as much.... I still do care, loads upon loads of care! ^~^

That being said....Things have been ever so slightly rocky with my situation. As such, there might be times that I'm not as emotionally well (I'll probably just disappear for a bit during those times)... I'll be okay though! I know I always say that when, or if, you express concern to me. And it's true most of the time! I'll be okay c:
Oh, recently there are two peeps that I've really started talking to a lot! Yes, I do enjoy talking to both of them and love them both lots. Here's a shout-out to you two~

Anata ga suki desu~♥

Of course, not in a romantic way.At least, not for one of them I'm certain....Thank you for putting up with me, my brokenness and all my shenanigans. And to anyone else reading this, I'll extend the same offer to you too. If you want to talk about anything and everything, I'm open for it! Although you'll have to be willing and open to talk first and sometimes initiate. I-I'm not much of a conversation starter sometimes, despite how I usually seem.... Well, until next time! >~<