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Shadow Orb Trades: Store Front

Hi! Welcome to the pseudo-store of T0fuchunks, how may I help you? ` v '

This is the place where you can place down an order for shadow orbs, lovingly dubbed 'shorbs'. Thanks to the update where shorbs are now tradable, yet cannot be bought or sold on the marketplace, I decided that I would offer my services to people who need shorbs more than I do.

Do keep in mind that my services are only meant to supplement your earnings for a cheap price, not replace them. Thank you for understanding!

That being said, once again; Welcome to the pseudo-store of T0fuchunks! I hope you enjoyed your visit and I look forward to seeing you again~ ` v '

Some people disapprove of and do not condone trading shorbs. In taking part in this, you may hear harsh comments, opinions and might be shunned by some as 'cheating' and/or 'buying' your level. While I provide this service, I still encourage you to go through DMS a few times and acquire some shorbs through regular means to become better acquainted with DMS gameplay and mechanics.

Please also note that trading shorbs is most likely an unintended effect of a coding error. In the case that your shorbs, rings and/or account are compromised, I take no part in blame. In reading this, you are accepting that you have read and understood the risks associated with trading shorbs.

Shadow Orb Trades: How it works

Just send me a message with the amount of shorbs you want to order along with the price you'd want to pay for them!
So far, it seems that the price would be around 6 platinum or 60m gold for each shorb (I think 1 plat is equal to 10m gold, correct me if I'm wrong), but I am accepting partial payments in blood droplets and/or amps/revives.
As of now, payment can consist of 100% plat or a combination of plat and blood droplets, the ratio of blood droplets to plat being 1:1 and a maximum of 50% of the total payment can be substituted by blood droplets. Amps/revives can also substitute for plat/blood droplets.
Orders that are for 500 shorbs and more will receive a discounted price of 5plat/shorb (or 50m/shorb). More shorbs for less! ` v '
However, please no exceedingly large orders please. Something feasible in a decent amount of time!

Although keep in mind that if you DO place down a large order, I may have to bump you to the backburner so that the smaller orders may be processed while I give you your order in smaller increments.

Shadow Orb Trades: Order Templates

Platinum only template
[Insert Greeting Here]
Quantity: [XXX] shorbs
Payment: [XXX] platinum*
Additional comments: [XXX]

Platinum and Blood Droplets template
[Insert Greeting Here]
Quantity: [XXX] shorbs
Payment: [XXX] platinum and [XXX] blood droplets**
Additional comments: [XXX]

Amp and/or revive template
[Insert Greeting Here]
Quantity: [XXX] shorbs
Payment: [State your offer]***
Additional comments: [XXX]

*Full platinum payment for shorbs is set at a price of 6plat/shorb.
**Price is also 6plat/shorb. Platinum and blood droplets can be substituted at a 1:1 ratio. Maximum 50% of total payment can be made in blood droplets.
***State your offer. Amps and revives can be used as payment, but may need to be negotiated.

And no, XXX does not mean sex-related things. You may not pay me that way, not even if you were my lover.

My Wall of Love~

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Enchanted Remedy Report | 02/13/2018 6:48 pm
Enchanted Remedy
Yeah great plan to me smile
Enchanted Remedy Report | 02/13/2018 6:47 pm
Enchanted Remedy
Tofu sorry, my internet connection to zomg took me out and out of gaia. sorry, it did the same thing yesterday.
Enchanted Remedy Report | 02/13/2018 4:24 pm
Enchanted Remedy
Yeah,it helps others though I never knew how to really kite nor tank, no one taught me so can you one time show me? whee smile rolleyes
Enchanted Remedy Report | 02/13/2018 4:13 pm
Enchanted Remedy
Yeah it is long, I remember when I made it to HPR before and later got attuned to Domo door.
Enchanted Remedy Report | 02/13/2018 12:13 pm
Enchanted Remedy
Nice!!!! Yeah, I get confused but is Tuna like HPR? And how did it go? smile
Enchanted Remedy Report | 02/13/2018 12:11 pm
Enchanted Remedy
Nice!!!! Yeah, I get confused but is Tuna like HPR? And how did it go? smile
Enchanted Remedy Report | 02/12/2018 5:42 pm
Enchanted Remedy
Whats up?
Enchanted Remedy Report | 02/12/2018 5:20 pm
Enchanted Remedy
Hey Tofu smile
an esoteric Report | 02/02/2018 2:41 pm
an esoteric
This month's due dates are like all the same e.e
Definitely throwing me for a loop.
Can't wait to be able to play zomg reading break
Ryouna Runa Report | 01/22/2018 4:42 pm
Ryouna Runa

Waiting for bluish recolor, tbh :I

It's Me~

Waaa, look at this profile stalker! Hi hi, what are you up to? ` v '
Hmmm? Looking around my profile for things to make fun of me with? Hah! Jokes on you, I already make fun of myself.....or is that jokes on me?
Oh wait, you just wanted to know more about me? I think you'd have a better time just reading my journal....it's not all about me, but it's a look into my thoughts at least. Maybe you'll learn a bit more about me there o ^ o

If you see me 'round zOMG, say hi! I don't bite, I'll just nibble your ear a little in an entirely non-suggestive fashion. But really, no.

Shadow Orb Trades: Queue

1. Brysse [Done!]
2. INSAN3ITY [169/500]* 2/10
3. Dirty Tactics STD [170/500]* 2/10
4. Silver Yune [Done!]*

* is a recurring order, placed on the backburner. Others will be given slight priority.
Shorb orders' progress will be updated every time I log off.

Damnit, only get me amps and revives if you must D: