it's snowing today!
it's probably not going to accumulate to anything, really. but this snow coming down is pretty to watch! (and much cheerier than drizzly rain)

i put on my sweater dress today.
it's funny to me. when i bought it, i thought it was frumpy. like. cute. but frumpy. i loved it for the texture of the knit. very earthy. maybe even slightly mori. i love knit textures. emotion_kirakira
but i fully admit the frump isn't like dressy or pretty.
but so many people like this thing! LOL!
i mean i like it. but i don't expect others to like it.
it's cozy. it has a gauzy frill at the bottom edge. and i like it. that is all that matters to me.

i like sweater dresses, for the most part.

now to psyche myself up into going outside. it's COLD.